Grass Valley Group

Grass Valley Group

Grass Valley Group (GVG) of product provides broadcast and media customers with a comprehensive range of solutions for creation, management and distribution of broadcast content, plus providing the tools necessary to transition seamlessly and cost-effectively to digital, HDTV and 3Gbps operations.

Automation and Media Management

From simple server playout to highly complex channels, Grass Valley’s Morpheus delivers the industry's most flexible and powerful broadcast automation solutions.

Control and Monitoring

GVG offers a wide range of control and monitoring solutions ranging from products tailored to both modular and routing to system-wide unified control and monitoring solutions.

Conversion and Restoration Solutions

GVG leads the world in conversion and restoration technologies with a product range universally recognised as the most sophisticated available.

Modular Infrastructure Systems

With over 400 products to choose from, SAM's Vistek and IQ Moduler ranges provide the complete Modular Infrastructure solution.

Production and Master Control Switching

A range typified by the standard-setting Kahuna and Kula, the world's most versatile production switchers.

Routing Solutions

The industry's most comprehensive range of signal routing switchers, catering for all sizes and applications from simple edit suites to OB trucks and large CAR requirements.

Grass Valley Group

EVS Shield wins TVB Europe Best of Show award

Bringing the latest Zero Trust and micro-segmentation security policies into broadcast workflows, the EVS Shield is a new firewall management tool designed with the specific needs and challenges of live video production in mind. 

kahuna maverick