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Omnidirectional Loudspeakers


Soundsphere has been the leader in omnidirectional speaker technology since 1976. Their speakers feature hemispherical dispersion and full-range sound, providing solutions for a multitude of applications, from offices to arenas and convention centres.

Soundsphere technology

Every speaker from Soundsphere’s range are omnidirectional and produces full-frequency sound from their sphere-shaped compartments, as opposed to traditional speaker systems that tend to only produce audio with varying frequencies. Full frequency sound means you can you still hear mid- and high-frequency sounds at the same level, regardless of how far you stand from the speaker. 


A diffused sound field disperses audio evenly throughout the room and not just in one direction, making the audio output clearer and smoother than single directional speakers which can often project tinny and harsh sound. What this means is that fewer speakers are needed to cover an area, eliminating complications with clunky units and the risk of problems that often come with acoustically challenging regions.


Soundsphere speakers are easy to install and ultra-lightweight. They come in a wide range of sizes and colours, and their robust bodies can suit a whole range of application types.


110 paging loudspeakers: available in both black and white, these loudspeakers are a cost-effective solution for high-powered, clear voice announcements in challenging atmospheres with high ambient noise.


110B paging loudspeakers: also available in both black and white, this series is perfect for applications where voice announcements must be heard clearly, such as in supermarkets, retail stores, factories and warehouses.


12A loudspeakers: this option is perfect for high sound pressure levels in gymnasiums, ice rinks, arenas, churches, swimming pools and factories and anywhere else where clear voice announcements and high-fidelity foreground music are required at high sound levels.


6-Q loudspeakers: the Soundsphere Q-6 is fit for almost every weather condition and suit health clubs, outdoor sporting facilities, bars and clubs, restaurants and food courts well. This series offers omnidirectional, full-range music and clear voice announcements for internal and external environments.


Q-8 loudspeakers: The Q-8 series loudspeaker features high-sensitivity and power handling capabilities for restaurants, bars, educational facilities or anywhere where clear voice announcements and high-fidelity music is required.


To take full advantage of Soundsphere’s extensive coverage, their speakers are often mounted to the ceiling of a room so they can be closer to the listener’s ear and to achieve a broader dispersion in direct contrast to non-distinct reverberant sound. This aspect of Soundsphere speakers also makes them a great addition to pre-existing multiple-speaker systems without having to engineer them to suit conventional cluster speakers. 



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