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Projectors | Data Projectors

Amber Technology offers a complete range of commercial and residential data projectors from Digital Projection , Philips and Optoma, for home cinemas and personal use, corporate environments, school classrooms and venues of all sizes.

Whether you are watching movies on home theatre projectors, delivering important presentations in large scale conference arenas, or something in between using a projector for computer content output, we have a solution for it. There’s a solution for every application here, including education projectors, multimedia projectors, large venue projectors for conferences and large-scale events and data projectors for commercial meeting rooms.

We offer an extensive range of the latest technology in digital projectors, laser projectors as well as traditional lamp-based data projectors. The days of the old slide projector are gone, today’s display data projectors offer a more sophisticated solution. What are data projectors used for? Read on for more information on both commercial and personal projector uses at all levels of projector cost.

Commercial projectors

Digital Projection is the industry leader in projection technology, and provides a premium quality picture at up to 18,000 lumens. The Digital Projection range is the industry standard for commercial cinemas and conference halls, offering the latest in 4k and 8k projection.

Digital Projection manufactures an extensive line of ultra-high-performance 3-chip and single-chip DLP® projection systems for ultimate brightness. These projectors are the reference standard for demanding applications such as large-venue, live-event staging, education, medical and scientific research, command and control, commercial digital cinema, commercial entertainment, houses of worship and elite home cinema.

Digital Projection have been awarded two Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Digital Projection remains the first and only projector manufacturer to win this sought-after award.

If you are looking for a multi media projector for education settings or an office, Optoma have superior image quality, with model options of up to 5,000 lumens.

Home Theatre projectors

At the luxury end of the home theatre market, Digital Projection offers a high resolution projection experience for a professionally installed home cinema room, replicating the commercial cinema environment at home.

At a more affordable data projectors, Optoma’s product range includes projectors for both portable and fixed home theatre, gaming room or living area installations. Optoma’s focus on home and mobile entertainment, for watching movies, gaming and sharing your content from devices is designed to make life more enjoyable.

Our range of home cinema projectors will allow you to transform a standard living room into a world-class, state of the art home theatre system. Optoma’s ultra HD projector in 4K delivers crystal-clear images with ultimate reliability. With a number of different options your choice is by no means limited. Check out Optoma’s popular P2 Smart Home Entertainment Ultra Short Throw and Soundbar data projector with 4K resolution. It’s known for its vivid colour, fluid viewing and ease of installation.

Portable Projectors

The newest advancement in data projectors is the portable projector category, represented by Philips in our portfolio.

The PicoPix and NeoPix range are a compact, wireless projector that can be used to display online content from streaming platforms, websites, social media and your own devices. Take them anywhere, they are small enough to fit in a bag or your pocket, ideal for holidays and camping trips as well as at home or visiting friends.

If you are looking to buy portable projector, major retailers stock Philips.

Projector Screens

We offer a full selection of Grandview fixed frame screens, pull-down and motorised projector screens at varying sizes and installation finishes.

Projector installation systems

Rigging frames: our sturdy and durable rigging frames allow you to mount large commercial projectors from fixed trusses and at varying heights. We are able to order specialised rigging frames for Digital Projection HighLite Laser II / Mercury / Insight.


Projector lifts: Grandview offers a motorised slim projector lifts with controls, suitable for small office, classroom, training rooms installations.

LP Morgan Skyhook is a ceiling mount for projectors.


Our data projector accessories give you the ability to go that step further with your set up or gives you the ability to replace damaged parts on existing units.

Lenses: lens replacements are no problem with our specialised range of Digital Projection lenses for commercial data projectors.

Projector Lamps: replace old, blown or worn out lamps in your lamp-based Optoma or Digital Projection projector.

3D glasses: try out our Optoma light and comfortable 3D glasses that are DLP link ready and have a battery life of up to 70 hours.

Wireless dongles: Turn your home data projector into a smart projector with Optoma’s HDMI wireless dongle. Use the dongle to stream music or videos, share photos and documents from mobiles and laptops straight to your Optoma projector.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do data projectors work?

By connecting to a computer or other device, the content is delivered by digital signal that is then decoded by the projector. This decoded content is then projected by laser beam or lamp onto a surface such as a projector screen or wall.

What is the difference between overhead projector and data projector?

Traditional overhead projectors use physical written content on transparent slides that is then projected in an expanded size onto a screen. These days most people would use a data projector with their device such as a laptop plugged in to create their presentation.

Where can I buy a data projector near me?

If you are looking for data projectors for sale you can use our dealer finder (coming soon) to talk to one of our friendly dealers who can support you to make the right choice of projector buy.

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