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Where the guitar meets the forest


Following the vision of owner Tom Bedell, Breedlove is committed to sustainability, with models using only clear-cut free, salvaged and individually harvested native and exotic tonewoods to preserve and protect the forest, its habitats and the communities it serves. Tom Bedell has personally visited forests around the world, meeting with suppliers, mills and local families to ensure best practices. This commitment requires no sacrifice in sound quality, build quality or beauty and every piece of wood in their USA guitars can be traced back to its exact origin.

Every sustainable USA instrument is hand crafted,hand voiced and Sound Optimized®, with carefully matched tops and backs sanded to weight, not thickness, and tuned to target frequencies for consistently powerful sound, rich tone and remarkable projection and sustain across all four of Breedlove’s revolutionary body shapes.

  • The world’s first instrument maker to use 100% sustainable tonewoods.
  • Superior sound through innovation.
  • Sound optimisation.
  • Carefully selected tonewood.
  • Effortless playability.
  • Never to use clear-cut trees.


Two values drive Breedlove — protecting our world’s forests and maximising acoustic guitar sound. Breedlove’s ECO Collection addresses both. In a visionary feat of engineering, Breedlove has developed a process to integrate three layers of tonewood—sustainably harvested from forests visited by Breedlove owner Tom Bedell—avoiding the soft centre core that dampens sound on other laminates. 

The ECO Collection is ushering in a new era in six-string history. With the Breedlove ECO Collection, for the first time, you can play an environmentally friendly, solid top guitar with vibrant, renewable, sound enhancing EcoTonewood back and sides. 

The Breedlove ECO Collection guitars make laminate technology sustainable. They have developed a way to introduce a resonant core tonewood layer of clear-cut free, individually
harvested African mahogany in place of the typical tone-robbing softwoods used in standard acoustic guitar manufacture. Coupled with Breedlove’s deep research into revolutionary body shapes; building to target tonewood weight adds to the optimised, natural sound of each guitar in the ECO Collection.

Breedlove creates these better sounding guitars while being kind to the earth at affordable price points Breedlove’s Play Style System personalises instruments for each individual’s approach, whether a light fingerpicker, a folk strummer or a versatile progressive guitarist. They marry science, art and beauty to make tomorrow’s guitar today. You will sound better, play better and play more with a Breedlove.

ECO Collection Pursuit Exotic S Series

Music lovers can now go exotic, sustainably with Breedlove’s new foraged tonewoods in the Pursuit Exotic S Series. Featuring TUSQ nuts and saddles and Breedlove’s earth-conscious, sonically superior EcoTonewood technology, the series lets players affordably experience the pure, nuanced sound and striking visual beauty of these sustainable materials.

ECO Collection Rainforest S Series

The ECO Collection Rainforest S Series of guitars honour the sounds of the magnificent, mysterious Congo River Basin through sonically superior EcoTonewood technology. The versatile concert body rainforest guitars come in multiple finishes including papillon, midnight blue, black gold, and orchid.

ECO Collection Discovery S Series

The beginner-friendly design along with the sustainability of the ECO Collection makes the Discovery S Series the perfect introduction to the world of music. Carefully crafted with trademark Breedlove materials, these instruments feature earth-conscious, sonically superior EcoTonewood technology.