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Networking infrastructure is critical for business and home environments, working to deliver audio and video signals from a source to a destination. In both residential and commercial environments AV network systems are more important than ever, with the use of multiple devices and sources becoming increasingly common. It’s important to be able to build robust networking systems that can support multiple devices and volumes of multimedia traffic.

In business or commercial environments, we are creating networking systems for delivering audio visual content to virtual conferencing, collaboration and communication.

In residential projects, the rise of the automated ‘smart home’ has created a need for networking systems to be incorporated into the build, to deliver AV to different rooms or zones within a property.

IP based ecosystems are built from a unified system made up of switchers, routers, access points and controllers. AV over IP (Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol) is the use of standard networking equipment to transmit, control and switch video and audio.

AV over IP was initially used in Pro AV designs because of its low bandwidth characteristics, compatibility with existing network infrastructures and cost-efficiencies to scale up for large footprint arrays.

Over time as technology has evolved,  AV over IP technology has grown to include low and zero latency transmissions, seamless switching and lossless video quality supporting 4K UHD, high frame rates, 4:4:4 and HDR to become an increasingly viable alternative to conventional AV transmission over distance technologies for both residential and commercial applications.

The Amber Technology networking range has all the products you need to create an effective networking system.

Switches take audio and video sources and send them to a single output. Matrix switches allow for the distribution and control of many different signals. Brands on our website that offer AV switches are Pakedge, Wyrestorm and Niveo Professional.

Routers connect multiple networks through their IP addresses. Choose from Pakedge and Niveo Professional.

Wireless access points and controllers run your system. Brands offering these are: Pakedge, Wyrestorm, and Niveo Professional.





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