Operating for over 30 years, Autoscript is an industry-leading manufacturer of professional teleprompting equipment, operating all over the world. They create high-end hardware and software tools for both TV networks and independent production companies and set the standard in industry innovation, offering the world’s only entirely IP-enabled, full service prompting workflow.

Software Systems

Whether it be for live news or pre-recorded broadcast, Autoscript is the best in the business at offering versatile, ubiquitous software tools, allowing network and independent broadcasters to produce news anywhere in the world.

WinPlus-IP News is compatible with all leading NRCS including Avid iNews, Dalet, News Wire, Newsmaker, Newstar. MOS Protocol devices supported include: Annova Open Media, AP ENPS, News Works, Octopus, Dayang, Sobey, NIS4, Inception & Eidos Media.

WinPlus-IP is a simple and modern refresh of the industry standard prompting application. The tool is ideal for operation in dark production environments with adjustable colour and content location. It’s compatible with all intelligent Prompting devices on the network and it’s font resize slider and prompt output indicator in the edit window make for fast and intuitive operation.

The XBox-IP is an extremely compact scroll engine. As an Intelligent Prompting device it networks via Ethernet to WinPlus-IP prompting software application, where users are able to monitor status, manage group updates and remote upgrades.

WP-IPX bundles all of the products required to replace a PCI card or XBOXULTRA(-SDI) installation with Autoscript’s latest WinPlus-IP system. It includes WinPlus-IP, a Newsroom license, an XBox-IP scroll engine and an HC-IP hand control at a special discounted price.

WinPlus-IPS (WP-IPS) is a simple but powerful application ideally suited for single operator productions. Designed with corporate, educational and government productions in mind, the software employs many of the features of WinPlus-IP, including the modern customisable user interface, super smooth scroll preview and live script editing.

On-Camera Systems

Autoscript has become the number one broadcast on-camera monitor manufacturer in the world, with it’s E.P.I.C system combining an integrated talent monitor with a high-bright prompting screen. Offering the system at a 19”, 17” and 15”, there’s a solution for every style of production.

The new EVO-IP prompt monitor is the slimmest broadcast prompt monitor available, with a depth of just 41.5mm. The sleek 19” monitor is perfect for productions looking for a large but still lightweight solution (also available at 19”, 17” and 15”).

The new EVO-IPS is a cost effective IP-only solution for progressive modern studios. The standard bright prompt monitor uses the super slim chassis of the more highly featured EVO-IP, with a depth of just 42mm and a lightweight design that makes the larger 19” monitor the natural choice (available at 15”).

The Autoscript 17” PTZ Prompter Package is a professional solution for teleprompting with PTZ cameras.The package provides an extra-wide hood assembly to allow considerable movement of the camera within the wide beam splitter glass: enabling up to 60 degrees of pan and 15 degrees of tilt at full zoom. 

Conference/Executive Systems

The Manual Telescopic Stands offer flexibility for all variations when used at every kind of presentation. It also offers an adjustable stand and glass.

The Rise & Fall Motorised Robotic Stands offers the ability to adjust the height of the stand automatically using programming or WinPlus Conference software, flexibility for all variations when used at presentations and events and so much more.

The Rise & Fall Software (WP-C Conference Software) Controls up to eight stands and has an intuitive ‘drag and drop’ interface with graphics of connected stands and more.