Professional Products

Professional performance products

For pro audio professionals creating music in a live performance, recording studio or other environment, Amber Technology represents some of the world’s most prestigious pro audio brands of sound equipment. For musicians of all levels, our musical instrument (MI) range of sound gear has some of the most renowned brands available. All of our brands are used to create beautiful music and event experiences for all genres from hard rock to classical, and everything in-between.

Live Sound

From start to finish of a live performance, we have the professional audio systems and products you need.

When you are looking for the best for your live performance, Amber Technology's range of specialised on-stage solutions is the right choice. From the rock stadium and concert hall to renowned recording studios and broadcast facilities, we can deliver the world's most advanced live production technologies.

How to choose the right pro audio equipment is all about the performance and Amber Technology's pro audio brands include many of the world's most respected and innovative names. Here you'll find some of the world's finest brands and products to enhance every aspect of your live show.

Professional Microphones

Used throughout the world by leading performance artists, sound engineers and sound recordists, DPA Microphones offer a professional microphone for every pro audio requirement. DPA Microphones produce high-end, world-class condenser microphones for pro audio professionals. Their range includes lavalier, instrument, pencil, headset and ear-set microphones delivering amazing sound quality, excellent consistency and outstanding durability.

If you are looking for a cost-effective range, JTS Professional microphones offer both wired and wireless microphone systems, conference and interpretation systems and accessories for a diverse range of applications in addition to live production, including commercial and professional environments such as boardrooms and conference venues, houses of worship, podcasting and webcasting

Mixing Consoles

When you are live sound mixing, Solid State Logic (SSL) Live is the ultimate live sound production tool. As a world-leader in console technology, Solid State Logic (SSL) is used by the greatest live sound engineers for performing artists around the globe. With applications in concert touring, installation, houses of worship and theatre, SSL has always set the pro audio benchmark of excellence.

SSL Live consoles feature an internal effects rack that can be accessed via the insert points of Channels, Stems, Auxes and Masters as well as from the router. Designed to reflect a studio setup, live engineers can immediately feel comfortable creating complex effect routings with every parameter stored as part of the console automation. There are seven categories of studio quality, mono, stereo and multi-channel, ultra-low latency effects designed specifically for live use. Effects such as Reverbs, Delay and Modulation, EQ and the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor are all included in a suite of more than 45 effects and tools.

Studio Tools and Audio Equipment

Studio Tools and Audio Equipment

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