Paging Systems

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Paging systems, also known as public address (PA) or loudspeaker systems, are used to make announcements in large scale facilities or public spaces where announcements or amplified instructions are required. In buildings, paging systems can be separated into several zones or coverage areas. Paging systems can be used to broadcast announcements, music and alerts.

A one-way paging system lets the speaker provide clear, amplified instructions throughout a facility, for example to support fire alarms and emergency evacuation procedures.

Paging systems can be found facilities such as

  • rail networks
  • airports
  • commercial buildings
  • stadiums
  • oil, gas, mining
  • factories
  • roads and tunnels
  • retail shopping centres
  • hospitals
  • houses of worship
  • hotels
  • schools, universities and other education facilities
  • maritime

The most common elements for a paging system or public address system are: microphone, amplifier, loudspeakers, often driven by a control unit, particularly if there are multiple zones to be managed from a central location.

Amber Technology has many brands that can be used to build an effective paging system.

Microphones – Australian Monitor and JTS Professional all offer installation microphones that can be used in paging systems.

Amplifiers – Choose from brands such as Australian Monitor, XTA Electronics and MC2 Audio

Loudspeakers - One Systems are specifically designed for rugged outdoor applications such as stadiums. Australian Monitor offer speakers suitable for paging systems, and also have loudhailer products for portable public address requirements.

Specialised control products include:

ASL integrated systems are renowned for their high levels of reliability, compatibility, and flexibility. Fully certified to high industry standards, ASL products provide full control and are flexible across large areas, through IP-enabled Long Line Public Address (LLPA) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). ASL’s extensive experience means they can design and supply reliable, long-lasting systems that can meet all the safety and sound requirements of the largest projects.

Barix offers intercom and paging systems for schools, factories and public places, that are cost effective IP based products. Barix’s Intercom/Paging application firmware builds IP systems with defined groups and zones or multi-master architecture. The Annuncicom master Stations are simple to use and can drive a multi-zone paging system.  Barix Instreamer encoders allow audio over IP to be streamed smoothly, encoding incoming signals to many different destinations simultaneously.

Media Matrix is the world’s first digitally controlled and configured distributed audio system. Their command centres and announcement stationsare perfect for paging systems, while the PageMatrix command centre is a paging management system.

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