Guitar effects


Pedals, PSUs, preamps and switchers make up our range of guitar effects. Amber Technology has a range of brands that offer all the guitar effects you need to make your playing shine. Many of these products can also be used for other instruments or vocal applications.


A guitar effects unit, also commonly known as a guitar effects pedal, is an electronic device that works to alter the sound of a musical instrument such as a guitar. They can be used on other types of musical instruments as well as for voice.

If you have several different pedals, they can be mounted on a pedalboard for ease of use and transportation.

Common types of effects pedals are:

  • Distortion pedals are the most popular type of pedal used by guitarists, creating a distorted sound from your playing
  • Overdrive pedals pushes the amplifier harder to deliver the sound from your guitar
  • Reverb creates an echo effect
  • Delay take your signal then delay and play it back exactly as it sounds
  • Fuzz are a type of distortion pedal that makes a heavy fuzzy sound from your playing
  • Loopers record your playing, so that you can then play it back through your amp
  • Compression pedals regulate the volume that you are playing, ensuring every note is played at the same volume

Radial Engineering produce the world’s finest direct boxes, splitters and audio interfaces. The Tonebone range of overdrive, distortion and boost pedals create pro quality effects.

Cioks are world-renowned as the quietest and most reliable power supply units (PSU) available on the market. Cioks PSU are suitable for both small and large pedalboards, complete with cables so that you are ready to go.


Preamps boost a microphone or instrument signal up to line level, this allows the output to feed a recording interface or other modules such as EQs and compressors.

Radial and Tonebone  all offer preamps.


Manage your pedalboard more efficiently using a switcher, which groups your effects pedals into loops to create sound combinations.

Radial makes a wide variety of switching devices to cover almost any application, from switching between one or two instruments, microphones or amplifiers, to more complex touring guitar or keyboard rigs and playback systems.

Radial and Tonebone  switchers complement our full range of effects pedals available.