Data Management

Data Storage, Management and Distribution

The Media Systems team can design and build data management systems on hardware and in data centres that deliver storage, manipulation, management, production and distribution of content for everything from a single user up to hundreds of simultaneous clients.

We offer the most flexible and powerful storage and asset management systems available, from small studio productions to full nationwide enterprise solutions. Scalability, reliability and simplicity of use are the features our clients require, and we have hand-picked the best technologies available to ensure that we can meet these criteria.

Digital asset management is central to any media operation in today’s market, maximising use and monetisation of valuable production footage and documents. Ingest, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of video, audio and data files can be dramatically simplified through our comprehensive range of complete Media Asset Management solutions. Plus we have solutions for automated QC, analysis and reporting, with full workflow integration.

Shared media networks deliver efficiencies in media workflows that really make the difference. Amber offers exceptional expertise and equipment solutions for multi-channel ingest and browsing, workflow-engineered shared storage for editing workgroups and the best in backup, mirroring and archive systems.

Data Management brands
Avid Video
Blue Lucy
Dell EMC
Emotion Systems


GB Labs
Grass Valley
Spectra Logic


the Media Systems team for more information on our Data Management solutions.