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Audio Over IP

BARIX is a skills-based company offering expertise in leading-edge, IP-based communications and control technology. Based in Dubendorf Switzerland, BARIX is a leader in audio over IP hardware solutions and intelligent network audio applications. 

BARIX’s line up includes:

Audio to mobile phones: Send live sound to phones, tablets, computers or any other receiver device with BARIX's low latency and high compatibility audio streaming.

Background music: manage your multi-location in-store background music with one cost-effective, sturdy and highly scalable solution. Each set-up comes equipped with a cloud-based portal server that provides configuration as well as firmware update and management across each location.

Internet radio: distribute internet radio feeds to multiple users by converting any audio signal to a Shoutcast or IceCast provider. Istreamer devices can stream to 32 different destinations across the LAN or via the internet.

Audio transport: Move audio signals from A to B (and C to D) with premium IP based audio transport solutions that bridge audio for a range of distances, be it from across the room or across the world. These audio transport solutions from BARIX are perfect for restaurants, bars, hotel groups and retail outlets.

Intercom and paging: if you’re looking for an intercom or paging device for schools, factories and public places, then BARIX’s effective IP based high audio quality intercom solutions are the pick of the bunch. With a built-in master/slave functionality, it’s never been easier to switch between units when one isn’t reachable.

SIP / VoIP / MOH: Explicitly designed for "message on hold", paging and intercom scenarios, creating an audio set-up for your telephone systems with BARIX is as simple as it gets. You can now feed MOH and background music with the Istreamer to up to 32 locations.

Audio broadcast: You can reliably stream from broadcast studio to neighbouring studios or the transmitter site with BARIX’s broadcast transmission and syndication tools. Fit for the most advanced broadcast, professional and VoIP applications, these audio broadcast solutions support internet radio and VoIP (SIP, RTP).

OEM: Scale back the time you spend on audio development with IP based audio processing modules and a mass of other interfaces. 

Automation and control: BARIX offer professional and fully programmable I/0 device servers for full automation and seamless control. Whether you're opening a channel, switching a device or controlling remotely, you can do so with ease and simplicity.

To keep ahead of the pack in a highly competitive industry, BARIX is continually researching and developing new products in answer to market demand. Because of this, their products can be applied to just about every market possible.