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Xilica® creates collaboration products that help unlock the power of human connection. Built on decades of reimagining how people use technology, Xilica’s solutions bridge the distance between individuals, teams, ideas and organisations — unleashing the power of understanding to transform business and society for the better. Through focus on the enterprise, education and government markets, Xilica and its partners touch the daily lives of people in more than 100 countries.

Xilica has set the industry benchmark in world-class, premium, configurable DSP systems since it was founded in 2002 in Toronto, Canada. Harnessing their previous experience in loudspeaker DSP development, the team at Xilica have been able to develop optimised, high-end audio processors that have realised  the potential of next generation audio systems.

One aspect of their product offering they’ve become known for is their development in floating-point DSPs for supporting high bit rates.


Xilica's product offering includes:

Solaro Series

Modular IO, networked AV and exceptional control, reduce noise and enhance your collaboration space.

Solaro FR1:
this product allows you to creatively customise your I/O count with new, all-modular, ultra-high-performance Solaro FR1 DSP from Xilica. Solaro FR1 is a 1U 16-card-slot DSP with modular I/O functionality that can  be populated with any combination of Solaro Series I/O card, offering capabilities including analog audio, USB (with volume/mute HID support), GPIO, relay control and AES/EBU digital audio, with an integrated control engine capable of Lua scripting and software-licensed HearClear AEC.

Solaro QR1: modular I/O architecture processors give you endless features from a quarter-rack-width DSP without the burden of heavy, clunky machinery. Solaro QR1 is a PoE-powered digital signal processor with eight user-configured I/O card slots, offering capabilities including analog audio, USB (with volume/mute status sync), GPIO, relay control and AES/EBU digital audio. With license-activated HearClear acoustic echo cancellation and an integrated control engine capable of Lua scripting, Solaro QR1 is a versatile DSP that handles both analog and Dante networked audio easily.

Solaro XIO 16: this modular I/O expansion frames from Xilica allow you to expand your system and future-proof your installations quickly and affordably.  Solaro XIO 16 is a 16-slot expansion unit for Solaro FR1-D processors requiring additional I/O above that contained in their local hardware, enabling up to 32 channels of analog audio in a single frame, or up to 64 channels of GPIO.

Solaro XC cards: available in a range of configurations for input, output, USB, two and four channel for Solaro Series processors.


Gio Series
Gio Series network endpoints deliver new flexibility for BYOM in the hybrid workplace of the future. 

Gio USB:
a USB 2.0 to Dante endpoint,designed for mounting under the table or behind a display. Enabling centralized processing over network in enterprise and education, Gio USB delivers BYOM to your workforce with integrated UC mute sync for Microsoft Teams.


Gio XLR: enables traditional analog audio products to be connected to a network for centralized management and routing. Incorporating 2x2 Neutrik XLR connectors, Gio XLR offers software-selected 48V Phantom power and a single CatX cable for installation.

XTouch Series

Give your room users a simple, easy-to-use experience with sophisticated technology. XTouch touch-controls can be used in classrooms, conference rooms or courtrooms.

XTouch 55: 5.5-inch touch panel ideal for AV system control, installable in-room and on wall, at the lectern, and by centralized equipment racks. Powered over CatX cable to IEEE 802.3af standards, XTouch 55 is simple and quick to install.
XTouch 80: eight-inch touch panel ideal for conferencing, education and legislative spaces demanding a high-definition, responsive control surface. Powered over standard CatX cable to IEEE 802.3af standard, XTouch 80 is simple and quick to install on a table with the optional XT80-TTS stand designed by StudioXTM, on-wall into a standard US dual-gang electrical box.
XTouch 80-TTS: a premium table-top mounting solution for the XTouch 80 eight-inch touch-control, enabling easy positioning and installation in corporate conference facilities, classrooms, lecture theaters and courtrooms.


Xilica Designer: Xilica’s bespoke software has made a name for itself in recent years, for earning the reputation of making integrator’s lives a whole lot easier by providing a world-class control platform for third party products.


With more than 17 years of experience in providing digital signal processing devices for the professional market, XIlica set the benchmark in reliability, affordability and quality.

Xilica Audio Design