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The quietest, most reliable 'go-to' power supply for guitar and instrument processors.

CIOKS Enterprises are a manufacturer of professional standard power supplies for musicians, specialising in high-end power supplies for effects pedals. Based in Poland, CIOKS power supplies are world renowned as being the quietest and reliable ‘go-to’ power supply for guitar and instrument pedals and processors.

CIOKS will power 9V right up to 40V and high current digital pedals. The CIOKS range caters for small and large pedalboard requirements and each CIOKS power supply comes with flex cables in the box, so you’ll be ready to rock. CIOKS also provide connection cables to efficiently deliver clean power to your pedals. The super-rugged construction means your PSU can withstand the rigours of gigging and touring.

Other features on Cioks PSUs include:

  • Advanced LED monitoring - Cioks is the only brand to offer this
  • Really flexible - CIOKs PSU can power differnt pedals with a range of mA and voltages,
  • Flex cables included with every unit

All CIOKS power supplies distributed by Amber Technology are fully certified to meet EESS regulations.

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