MP Antenna

MP Antenna

MP Antenna designs, manufactures and markets unique three-dimensional patented antennas that improve wireless communications for sub 6 GHz voice and data frequency applications such as GPS, WiFi, all 802.11, 3G Cellular GSM/CDMA, 4G LTE, LTE-A, XLTE, WiMax, ISM, UHF, and VHF.

The antennas outperform all other NLOS-claimed antennas in quality, reliability and price, while providing network users with increased data throughput, enhanced voice clarity and multi-path mitigation.

Networks that are installed with traditional linear polarised antenna technology are often disturbed by weather and other obstructions causing reflectivity, multi-path, absorption, and phasing. RSSI readings in a dynamically obstructed environment will show improved performance over singularly polarised and multiple feed MIMO antennas, which allows for steady voice and data communications in any scenario.

Multi-Path Mitigation

MP Antennas are designed to solve multi-path problems by transmitting and receiving signals in numerous polarisations and on spatially diverse planes.

Increased Data Throughput

MP Antennas have the highest efficiency on the market to provide your system with the most constant signal possible, eliminating jitter and slow throughput speeds.

Maximum Diversity

MP Antenna has the most innovative antennas on the market featuring patented three dimensional designs and built in Spatial and Polarisation Diversity on every feed.

Smart Manufacturing

All MP Antennas are manufactured at a dedicated facility in Ohio USA. The focus is on creating the fastest delivery possible, eliminating long lead times and minimum order quantities.

Tailored Solutions

In addition to standard distributed antennas and other related products, MP Antenna offers custom tailored antennas for any unique wireless system requirement, but without the custom cost.

Proven Success

MP Antenna creates antennas and related products that are all designed with advanced technology and patented components proven to improve any wireless system.

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MP Antenna

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