Sophisticated Time Code Products and Studio Clock systems.

Plura offers a wide range of high-performance multi-function monitors (up to 84") including 4K and Timing/Synchronisation solutions that are engineered for digital broadcast and professional video production.

Plura products have an extensive and unique feature set, superior picture quality and extraordinary value and reliability.

Plura is known for truly affordable high-end features built upon core technology including:

  • Studio and portable video monitors

  • Studio production timer

  • Time-code displays and Time-code PCI ecards

  • Test and measurement equipment and software

  • Character/template-driven graphics generators

  • Digital signage systems

Master Time Code Systems

From Europe's leading manufacturer: fully redundant Master Time Code Solutions for LTC, VITC, DVITC, ATC and IRIG-B plus GPS time, 10 MHz reference clock, NTP time and SNMP features.

Time Code Solutions

Modular Time Code Systems for LTC, VITC, DVITC, ATC, IRIG-B, NTP time, Metadata over Ancillary Data, Data via Ethernet and RS422/232.

Studio Clocks and Timers

A comprehensive range of studio clock systems each engineered for accuracy, reliability and long-term precision performance.

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