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Professional Microphones

JTS is a world-class manufacturer of wired microphones, wireless microphone systems, conference and interpretation systems and accessories for a variety of commercial installation and professional sound applications.

Wireless Microphone Systems

JTS' advanced wireless technology for their microphone systems outperforms many other wireless systems of comparable price range. PLL technology gives freedom from RF interference, and the signal reliability is outstanding, allowing a maximised number of systems to work simultaneously.

Wired Microphones

The JTS range has a wide variety of wired microphones to fit any style or application in music or performance, being able to handle all recording and sound-reinforcement needs.

Installed Microphones

Installed microphones are used when sound needs to be captured at a greater distance than that of a stage vocal microphone. JTS installed microphones consistently deliver superior fidelity, durability, versatility, and value; with ease of installation.

In-ear Monitoring Systems

The SIEM series monitor is based on JTS advanced wireless technology that delivers consistent personal monitor mixes to both the musician and the band.

Conference Systems

JTS CS-1 has been designed to handle the most demanding modern conference systems. Known for ease of installation, these flexible system microphones with automatic mixers are based on JTS' audio and liner/digital control design technology . The system includes an interpretation system IT-120 to facilitate multi-language conferencing.

Tour Guide Systems

The TG-Series Tour Guide System provides listening assistance for tourists. When used with a stationary transmitter, the Tour Guide System can be used as a cost-effective hearing augmentation system.

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