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ASL systems are renowned for high reliability, compatibility and flexibility, and their emergency evacuation and paging products are known around the world.

With technology continuing to advance at a rapid rate and commercial infrastructure and office buildings only becoming larger and taller, ASL Systems have become the modern-day answer to the need for more sophisticated and reliable security systems that keep people safe around the clock.


ASL Systems use a phased evacuation process in commercial environments, which involves evacuating a few rooms, storeys or site areas at a time. Staggered evacuation eliminates the risk of confusion, lift/escape stairs congestion and prolonged evacuation times.

ASL manages phased evacuation by a series of pre-recorded, spoken voice alarm messages that a configured to project over the speaker system to specific areas of the building at a pre-determined interval.

PAVA and audio: ASL’s public address, voice alarm and commercial audio equipment include the Vipedia range, VAR range and IPAM range. These ranges comprise of a combination of space-efficient and powerful amplifiers, microphones and interfacing equipment as well as speakers and audio routers. These products have continued to evolve in enabling low power consumption with their inbuilt sleep mode function and low system running costs.


Control systems: the iVENCS control system is a versatile site or wide-area asset control system with a truly open and intuitive integrated management platform. It boasts sturdy control, monitoring and incident analysis across all safety, security and communications building subsystems.

As a business with over 30 years of experience in designing and building technology-leading voice alarm systems at the highest industry standard, they've become vital suppliers in providing long-lasting systems that meet and exceed every safety requirement.

Whether it be for rail, airports, stadiums, commercial, nuclear, oil and gas, mining, tunnels or retail, ASL are trusted providers of public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems that meet the highest standards of voice alarm and safety communications on the market.