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Behind Hotone Audio is a group of people passionate about music, with a highly experienced international team that combines professional expertise with artistic spirit. Hotone have one goal in mind: to create hot sonic tools to take inspiration to the next level. Their aim is to provide high quality products at an affordable price.

Motivated by technological innovation, Hotone’s philosophy is to see excellence in quality as a competitive strength and believe in providing outstanding service as the foundation to provide every musician with a sensational experience. Their team’s expertise has made Hotone a tech powerhouse in areas including effects processing, rapid tuning, embedded systems design, DSP systems design, real time physical sound modeling, wavetable synthesis technology, and ASIO drivers, among others.

Hotone’s slogan is “Design Inspiration”: that the products come out of some serious professional brainstorms exploring what is, what isn’t, and what can be made possible. 

“Design Inspiration” also means challenging the limits of design to create and manufacture high quality products that musicians of all kinds can enjoy and be inspired by to try something new, be inspired to dig deep and put it all out there.

Hotone’s development team bring their rich experience in core technology and design theory and includes product designers, seasoned instrumentalists, professional musicians, and App software engineers. 

The Hotone range includes a wide range of guitar effects pedals including:

  • Ampero multieffects pedals
  • Nano Legacy Floorpedals with classic tones
  • Press pedals - the famous mini 3 in 1 pedal
  • Binary Compact, dual footswitch pedal with CDCM-based pro effects.

Ampero and Patch Kommander Controllers to allow you to control everything with one tap.

Omni versatile simulators deliver organic, precise acoustic sounds.