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Amber Technology offers antennas for both domestic and commercial solutions, including sophisticated broadcast antennas for specialised communications requirements.

TV antennas

For at-home and residential use, One For All offers modern and stylish TV antennas featuring the latest cutting-edge technology to assure optimal TV reception every time.

Indoor and outdoor TV antennas are still very popular in Australia. News, sports and popular reality TV shows are popular on free to air TV, having a good TV antenna is important for viewing these programs.

Indoor TV antennas are ideal for renters; second, third (and more) TV placements in the home, where there isn’t a wall TV antenna point; and portable TV placements such as outside for sports viewing while having a BBQ with friends.

One For All’s digital TV antennas and aerials are easy-to-use and built to suit all needs, from stylish indoor antennas which blend in perfectly with your modern interior to powerful outdoor antennas. For analogue broadcasts, terrestrial digital video broadcasts DVB-T/T2 (Freeview) and Full HD and Ultra HD 4K, we have a TV antenna to match your TV.

One For All TV antenna Selector Tool (based upon the home location), provides the end user an informed choice on the correct TV antenna model for them.

Telco antennas

The Media Systems DLES team can work with you to build sophisticated communications systems for defence, emergency services, law enforcement, special events and security.

MP Antenna designs, manufactures and markets unique three-dimensional patented antennas that improve wireless communications for sub 6 GHz voice and data frequency applications such as GPS, WiFi, all 802.11, 3G Cellular GSM/CDMA, 4G LTE, LTE-A, XLTE, WiMax, ISM, UHF, and VHF.

BATS Wireless antenna tracking systems enable core Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN) to become intelligent, aware, and adaptive, leading to high-capacity broadband infrastructure for clients.  The proprietary software and hardware platform locates, locks, and tracks wireless broadband communication access points.

Silvus Technologies are extensively deployed in the Broadcast, Military and Security fields to deliver mobile and temporary network requirements, and can be integrated in conjunction with a telco antenna system. They offer a 4 x 4 MIMO Meshing Radio with superior performance to conventional Microwave COFDM in a point-to-point configuration. However, it is also a single channel IP data radio that forms self-healing peer-to-peer meshes over extended coverage areas.




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