Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument Products

Whether you are performing on stage, working in the recording studio or simply creating music at home, Amber Technology has a range with top brands of instrument and music technology plus accessories from some of the world's best-known manufacturers, all chosen to help you deliver a quality performance - every time, anywhere. This also includes our range of professional microphones for musical instruments, plus audio equipment suitable for a professional or home recording studio.

Our music equipment range is available through a network of authorised resellers.

electric guitars

We represent Walla Walla Guitar Company with options in different price ranges, from a state-of-the-art custom built to the more affordable factory-built models of guitars for sale. Walla Walla Guitar Company's distinctive style and hand-crafted details are perfect for a guitarist looking for something different to make them stand out in a crowd! When deciding how to choose a guitar, there’s a number of areas to consider – as well as budget, look at playing style, size, and aesthetics. Do your research and try before you buy. Our experienced network of musical instrument dealers are there to help. They’ll be able to help you choose the best guitar for beginners or offer advice to more experienced players.

Guitar Effects and Accessories

Our range has a wide selection of effects units, including pedals and PSUs, preamps and switchers from renowned brands Radial, Cioks and Peterson. Our range of guitar accessories includes guitar pedals and pedalboards.

If you are looking for an electronic tuner, the Peterson Strobe Tuner is ideal, even if you are unsure about how to tune a guitar. With both clip-on and handheld models, they make tuning your guitar simple and quick.

Vocal and instrument processors

Our musical instrument range also includes vocal processing products for a singer, plus instrument processors suitable for any type of musical ensemble from Radial. We also distribute music electronics brand teenage engineering, with a well-known range of portable synthesisers and portable loudspeakers.

Vocal and Instrument Microphones

JTS has both wired and wireless microphone systems for vocals and musical instruments, designed to deliver clear and accurate sound for all types of instruments and performances – concerts, orchestras, studio work and more.

Cables and Connectors

Guitar and instrument cables, speaker cables, microphone cables are all available from our brands. Van Damme offer tour grade speaker and instrument cables, while Ambertec Cables for microphones and instruments feature Rean connectors.

Musical Instrument Accessories

Rounding out our musical instrument range are a few interesting brands with products that help you to create great sounds!

Consoles –The SSL Artist Creation Products bring the tools the professionals use in the studio and on stage to inspire your music creativity at home. The range includes SSL 2 and SSL 2+ audio interfaces, the SiX compact console, UF8 advanced DAW controller, 500 Series modules for analogue processing, and Matrix2 console/controller.

Monitors – The Dynaudio Professional LYD Series are designed to be simple to use studio reference monitors, perfect for the home musician or small studio set up.

Acoustic panels – if you are setting up your rehearsal space or home studio, Primacoustic offers a range of acoustic panels that will improve the sound quality of your space.

Carts- Rock-N-Roller Multicarts were designed for musicians and are a quick and easy way to transport your gear from A to B.

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