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Robosen specialise in revolutionising the field of robotics with cutting-edge technologies, crafting extraordinary consumer entertainment robots that exhibit unprecedented movement and play capabilities. Beyond the flagship Robosen robots, their technological prowess extends to crafting branded robots that breathe life into beloved on-screen characters. Collaborating with entertainment giants such as Hasbro and Disney/Pixar, Robosen have forged partnerships that resonate globally, and are actively expanding their network.

At the heart of Robosen's success is their elite research and development teams, comprising leading robotics developers, AI visionaries, and passionate science-fiction enthusiasts. Robosen's sustained progress and proprietary advancements span 15 years in motors, actuator control systems, chips, algorithms, and transformation design firmly position us as a dominant force and perpetual trailblazer in the consumer robotics landscape.

Flagship Optimus Prime (Limited Edition)

the first auto-converting Optimus Prime Transformer available globally with Hasbro’s authorisation demonstrates Robosen's expertise in machinery, electronics, software, and polymer materials, ensuring genuine motions.

Elite Optimus Prime

this premium figure is a rendition of the original G1 series Optimus Prime Transformer from the 1980s, enhanced with modern software and technology, and transforms with a button touch or voice command.

Grimlock G1 Flagship (Collector Edition)

a world-first in dual form, bipedal robot design, this articulated engineering figure by Robosen features 34 high-precision servo motors for smooth conversion, with six-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors to maintain robot stability.

Optimus Prime Rise of the Beasts (Limited Edition): relive the ultimate TRANSFORMERS experience with Robosen's breathtaking Optimus Prime Signature Series robot, based on the global blockbuster, Rise of the Beasts. This incredible robotic movie replica is meticulously crafted with premium materials, exquisite details, and the most advanced components, which bring Optimus Prime to life right before your eyes.. There are only 3,000 units in the world with serial number).

Bumblebee G1 Performance

a precise replica of the iconic yellow Volkswagen Beetle Transformer by Robosen with features including authentic sounds, adaptive walking speed via gait algorithms, and complex poses with a six-axis IMU.

Buzz Lightyear Infinity Pack (Limited Edition)

Robosen’s Buzz Lightyear is an intricate space ranger robot that combines science, engineering, and art. Its key features include voice interactions, 23 servo motors, four programmable modes, original sounds. There are only 1,000 units in the world with serial number.

K1 Pro Interstellar Scout: this sleek, bipedal humanoid robot features high-precision servo joints and performs stunts and actions in response to voice commands.

AI Base

Robosen's AI Base showcases aerospace-grade materials with metallic detailing and is equipped with six adjustable LED spotlights and a multicoloured LED strip to enhance robot displays. The AI voice control offers action downloads from the Robosen AI App.

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