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AVer are international leaders in the development of Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras for education. corporate and professional AV applications. AVer systems use H.323 and SIP protocols and are compatible with all major video conferencing brands. AVer is an award- winning provider of visual collaboration solutions that improve productivity and enrich lives.


Classroom technology: AVer are internationally known for their leadership in educational AV technology. They offer schools and other educational institutions the flexibility to change and adapt their teaching and learning solutions to suit individual teaching and learning styles.

Gone are the days of glitchy, delayed and problematic long-distance education technology; AVer gives teaching and students an enriched learning experience in a stress-free environment from one easy-to-use PTZ camera.



Business communication solutions: just like with modern-day technology, the business landscape is evolving day by day. In order to succeed and excel above the rest, businesses need to keep their finger on the pulse of new business communication solutions that are at their disposal.

AVer’s communication solutions help keep your business costs to a minimum by giving you the ability to hold employee, client and co-worker meetings in one place at one time with simple-to-use video conferencing systems. You can now hold multi-location, remote meetings across the globe without the headache of exploding overheads and sophisticated machinery.

Pro AV: AVer’s PTZ cameras and auto-tracking cameras make broadcasting, recording and streaming presentations and conferences a breeze. These handy devices allow you to easily capture high-quality content without having to spend bucketloads of money on professional AV technicians. 

Each PTZ camera features commercial grade pinpoint accuracy and advanced targeting technology in high definition. They're the perfect solution for applications where audio and visual content capturing is paramount, such as in schools and universities, medical institutions, corporate meetings and Houses of Worship.

AVer’s exclusive tracking technology uses facial recognition and advanced image analysis to follow key presenters as they travel across the presentation area. Both presenter and viewer can enjoy impossibly high image quality and seamless remote-tracking control from an intuitive online interface

Each AVer video conferencing model features unique benefits that can’t be found in any other competitor products such as industry-leading warranty periods and ultra-smooth HD imaging at a cost-effective price point. They make time-wasting and logistical nightmares for video conferencing a thing of the past.

Congratulations to Aver for winning Connected Video Conferencing Equipment of the year award.