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 Established in 1985, Harrison Audio stands at the forefront of audio innovation, delivering premium audio solutions to a global audience. With a rich history rooted in a passion for pristine sound and advanced technology, Harrison Audio have earned a reputation for excellence.

 Harrison Audio understand the pivotal role that audio plays in enhancing experiences. Whether you're a professional in the music industry or an avid audiophile, their commitment is to provide you with products that elevate your auditory journey.

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 Explore our curated selection of audio products, each designed with precision and care to meet the diverse needs of audio enthusiasts. From state-of-the-art headphones to immersive sound systems, Harrison Audio delivers unparalleled quality and performance.

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MR3eq – 500 Series 

The MR3eq, originally designed for the Harrison MR3 studio console, has emerged as one of Harrison's most acclaimed EQ models, celebrated for its dynamic, velvety tones, and robust sculpting capabilities. First introduced in 1981 as part of the Music Recording 3 (MR3) console, this EQ quickly became the tool of choice for leading engineers and studios worldwide, contributing to the creation of iconic albums from the 70s and 80s. True to Harrison's commitment to excellence, the MR3 EQ not only inspires artists with its distinctive vibe but also empowers engineers with unparalleled precision. The MR3eq module brings the signature Harrison sound to the 500 Series format.

Crafted with decades of experience in equalizer and filter design, the MR3eq stands as a high-performance analog EQ. Its circuit design enables precision in surgical tasks while allowing for the creation of broad musical strokes, fostering extensive band interaction for a sonic character that is both rich and colorful.

Comp 500 Series Module

Renowned for his pioneering contributions to music production technology, Dave Harrison, the founder of Harrison Audio, played a crucial role in shaping the landscape of audio engineering. Surprisingly, Dave, along with his esteemed friend, the legendary music producer and engineer Bruce Swedien, initially harbored skepticism toward compressors. Both shared the conviction that music should be captured authentically, without any interference. However, the increasing demand from the broadcast market for a tool to manage dynamics and prevent clipping prompted Harrison Audio to explore the realm of compressors.

The result was an exceptionally effective classic feed-forward VCA compressor. Despite its transparent 'leveling' capabilities achieved with minimal gain reduction, the compressor quickly became indispensable in music production. Its proficiency in delicately smoothing signals, especially on vocals, guitars, and instruments with wide dynamic ranges, earned it a significant place in the industry. As time progressed, the compressor's unique ability to 'dig in' became evident, transforming it into a coveted vibe compressor when higher levels of gain reduction were applied.

What initially began as skepticism on Dave Harrison's part gave birth to a tool that not only met the demands of the broadcast market but also became an integral part of the world of music production. The Comp module now brings the distinctive Harrison sound to the 500 Series format, allowing a wider audience to access its unique and powerful capabilities.

32Cpre+ 500 Series Module 

Experience the pinnacle of audio performance with the 32Cpre+, a transformer-coupled microphone preamp that inherits its high-performance traits from the revered 32Classic studio console. Merging this exceptional preamp with the legendary Harrison LP/HP filters, the 32Cpre+ is now presented in the compact 500 Series format. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Harrison 3232 and the 32Classic mixing console, this preamp is an American classic reimagined, capturing the distinctive tone that played a pivotal role in shaping some of the most iconic albums of the 70s and 80s. With the introduction of the 32Cpre+, the unmistakable Harrison sound is now accessible in the versatile 500 Series format.



Engineered and crafted by Harrison Audio, the 32Classic stands as the culmination of decades of continuous learning and engineering advancement. Infused with passion and precision, it is poised to become an iconic part of Harrison's enduring legacy.

At the core of the 32Classic lies a beautiful analog tone. Its modular design is uncompromising, offering flexibility in workflows and incorporating hybrid features that make it a classic recording console perfectly suited for the demands of the modern studio. Whether it's the transformer-coupled mic preamp design, the super-smooth and musical EQs, the legendary filters, or the premium quality components utilized throughout, the 32Classic not only creates a distinctive vibe that inspires artists but also instills confidence in producers and engineers to achieve excellence.