Tour guide systems

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A tour guide system is a wireless portable audio solution that allows a speaker to be heard clearly by a group of people, often in a noisy or open-air environment. Using a tour guide system saves the tour leader from straining their voice to be heard by the group, makes the tour experience more enjoyable for participants, and reduces noise disturbances to others, as only those with receivers and headsets can hear the commentary.

The tour guide uses a headset microphone to deliver a message to people wearing headphones or earbuds, creating an interactive, inclusive and helpful listening environment that minimises the impact on the surrounding environment.

The types of tours that may use a tour guide system include museums, factory tours, art galleries, sightseeing buses, tourist attractions, and church events. Self -guided tours of museums and art galleries are becoming increasingly popular, and tour guide systems can be used to deliver prerecorded materials to visitors.

JTS Professional offers the TG-series, a wireless tour guide system that provides listening assistance to tourists and groups, as well as offering language translation, making it ideal for multinational groups.

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