Workflow Management

Media Workflow tools

The cornerstone of any successful production operation, from video program production to Toaster manufacture, is efficient workflow management. Optimisation of the production process from start to finish, and efficient management of resources at every stage, can easily make the difference between a healthy profitable operation and a painful marginal one.

Modern media workflow tools can organise ingest, storage, modification and distribution processes in any number of dynamic or preset ways to maximise the ROI from your equipment, your staff and your creative assets.
Examples include:
  • Automated Archiving from expensive high speed storage to low cost archive storage

  • Automated production of fully optimised transcoded files for multi-format delivery to Social Media or web-based content delivery systems

  • Optimised workflow between departments (Ingest, Graphics, Post, Finishing, for example) to cut delivery times to the minimum

  • Automated versioning of promotions that eliminates repetitive editing tasks using template driven processes generating and conforming multi-layered video compositions with transitions and effects, audio and graphics for multiple broadcast markets

Workflow Management brands
Avid Video
Blue Lucy
David Horn Communications
Emotion Systems
Grass Valley

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