David Horn Communications

David Horn Communications

Law Enforcement Equipment

David Horn Communications designs and manufactures a range of technically advanced law-enforcement equipment, from world-leading digital video interview recording products to high-end audio and video evidence-gathering systems (including tracking).

Individual solutions can also be designed for demanding surveillance tasks and operations with total confidentiality and technical support through life.

DHC is an ISO 9001 registered company since 2001.

Covert audio and video products

David Horn Communications has earned a world-wide reputation for producing some of the most innovative covert audio and video products in the industry. These products are suitable for a wide variety of professional evidence and intelligence gathering applications. There is also in-house capability to tailor this type of equipment to individual requirements or for specific operations.

Covidence covert video systems feature micro HD recorders with day/night cameras and a range of interchangeable accessories, with Store-and-Forward and live streaming features. Miniature COFDM transmission units are also available.

WireOnAir static, mobile and body-worn surveillance systems include live wireless hi-fi audio, Store-and-Forward and positioning data with remote system control. The modular systems use transmission technologies based around: Bluetooth®, GSM, 3G/4G, Broadband uplinks, the Thuraya satellite and GPS.

Digital Interview Recording and Transcription products

DHC's purpose-designed Interview Recording Systems have been the choice of many of the world's most demanding police and security services.

The DHC MultiStream recorder range meets or exceeds all legislative requirements and recommendations (including: PACE, Private Standard CJS 2004, and the UK Home Office Memorandum of Good Practice), offering a future-proof, modular design.

MultiStreams are highly configurable, so police forces have the flexibility to record onto physical media (DVDs) initially , but having the capability to make the transition to completely media-less recording onto a network server where adequate infrastructures are in place.

The ancillary equipment range includes cameras, microphones, monitors, duplicators, media, software applications and transcribers plus purpose-made interview recorder security devices and shelves for desk and wall mounting.

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David Horn Communications

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