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SurgeX is a range of specialised power protection products offering protection technology that safeguards the performance of mission-critical digital equipment for a range of applications.

SurgeX Advanced Series Mode technology combines true surge elimination, EMI/RFI filtration and unrivalled analytical software to help businesses identify, monitor and protect sensitive AV systems. It completely eradicates surge energy without producing harmful side effects.

These solutions don’t require reset as their products are made with 100% non-sacrificial components, making them the perfect choice for a reliable power protection and conditioning solution in any commercial AV environment.

The power protection specialists have been market leaders in the AV industry since 1995


SurgeX are market leaders in power protection and conditioning for Audio Visual systems. Offering a complete range of Pro AV solutions that are designed and built to safeguard audiovisual systems against standard and worst-case electrical anomalies.

Featuring Advances Series Mode technology, SurgeX’s line of ProAV solutions eradicates surge energy by up to 6,000 Volts, without presenting any dangerous side effects such as ground contamination or common mode disturbances that are known to degrade the lifetime or performance of AV systems.

SurgeX shields equipment from AC surges and transients that not only disturbs the sound quality on your audio but also the short- and long-term digital performance of your mission-critical equipment.


SurgeX offers professional-grade power protection for high-end residential applications.

A sophisticated home theatre system requires sophisticated and reliable power protection in place to shield expensive equipment from power disturbances that can damage or completely destroy them.

SurgeX offers a suite of residential power protection solutions that have been purposely designed to protect costly home theatre equipment from AC surges and electrical transients. These disturbances can disrupt sound quality, digital performance or worse – cause complete failure.