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Living Enhanced

KASTA is an Australian company with a worldwide team based in countries at the forefront of design, including Italy and the United Kingdom, to ensure products deliver luxurious aesthetics.  KASTA provides a comprehensive range of smart control products using sophisticated technology to enhance the lifestyle of the end user. Based on wireless technology and no additional cabling, KASTA can seamlessly integrate with third-party products and control systems within mid-to-high end residential projects to enable tailored lighting as well as indoor and outdoor automation applications.

KASTA interfaces create a design flavour unique to any decor, with the option for touch or push-button operation, as well as wireless control and remote access using KASTA’s market leading wireless ecosystem.

The KASTA range includes:

  • App: The KASTA app allows users to control KASTA products throughout their home from a smart device.
  • Gateways: KASTA gateways use multi-protocols to connect, monitor, and control KASTA devices, allowing control of smart devices in homes remotely or via voice control.
  • Interfaces: Includes a select range of interface options to complement architectural aesthetics. 
  • Powerpoints: KASTA Smart Powerpoints enable users to manage household electricity usage, and include premium safety features like child-lock.
  • Lighting: A range of products are available to switch lights on/off, dim light levels, and program lighting to suit mood and room function, while providing energy-efficiency benefits.
  • Air movement: KASTA provides a smart device to manage ceiling fans, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems within the home.
  • Window: This includes a range of curtain controller modules to automate and schedule curtains, blinds, shutters, and window operations.
  • Door and gate: The KASTA Dry Contact Module allows users to control a multitude of door and gate operations.
  • Irrigation: KASTA offers a module to set up irrigation zones with control at different times, schedule setting, and remote switch.

The KASTA interfaces for powerpoint, and lighting control include:

  • Hesperus Series: This collection encompasses highly polished smart switches and powerpoints in a wide range of colours. The series offers programmable button types and configurations for flexibility and control of KASTA devices in residential and multi-residential settings.