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Loudspeakers, speakers and monitors

Choose from the best with Amber Technology’s diverse and extensive types of loudspeakers and professional monitors from a host of market-leading audio speaker manufacturers and brands. Whatever loudspeaker function you are looking to achieve, our range is certain to meet your requirements.

Cabinet Loudspeakers

Choose from our world-class selection of commercial cabinet loudspeakers from Australian Monitor, One Systems, Renkus Heinz and Sonance. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, there is a solution to suit all location and cost requirements.

The Sonance Professional Series is the perfect choice for commercial environments such as restaurants and large conference venues. Australian Monitor's range is versatile and can be used across a multitude of applications. One Systems offers specialised outdoor large speakers for large-scale venue installations such as stadiums and entertainment arenas.

Ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers

ASL, Australian Monitor, Soundsphere and Sonance offer a wide range of in wall speakers and ceiling speakers through Amber’s range. Sonance's sleek designs make for an ultra-modern aesthetic in a commercial setting, while Australian Monitor, ASL, Sonance and Soundsphere  also cater for highly sophisticated commercial areas. The opportunities are endless, from Sonance’s Visual Performance and Reference Series to Australian Monitor's QuickFit Series, you won’t be stuck for choice

Horns and projectors

Our range of horns and projector loudspeakers from Australian Monitor and ASL are built for large-scale indoor environments and the rugged outdoors with inbuilt weatherproofing to safeguard from natural elements. With up to 30 Watts of power, these horns and projectors are the perfect solution for gymnasiums, PA environments, conference centres, sporting fields and beyond.

Outdoor speakers

Amber’s extensive range of outdoor speakers from Sonance, Australian Monitor and One Systems transcends your ordinary waterproof units. Whether you’re needing  audio to blend into a commercial garden or outdoor space, we have the right solution for your outdoor audio needs.

Australian Monitor’s outdoor speakers offer great value and can be used in many different commercial applications.

Specialised high-performance outdoor loudspeakers from One Systems are designed for the most demanding large-scale outdoor applications such as stadiums.

Pendant speakers

Classy pendant speakers from SonanceAustralian Monitor and Soundsphere are designed to complement existing interior décor. The integrated top cover of Sonance’s Professional Series units hide the hanging hardware and wiring connector to give the appearance of a light fixture.


Sonance’s SB46 soundbar and Neets also offer commercial soundbar products for your boardroom and meeting set ups to create stylish audio solutions.

Speaker accessories

Our comprehensive selection of speaker accessories from Australian Monitor, One Systems, Sonance and Soundsphere allows you to get the most out of your loudspeaker audio equipment. We provide speaker bags, speaker connectors, speaker adapters, volume controls, brackets, mount and so much more.

Also check out our range of amplifiers to accompany your speaker system design.


Our full range of speaker sub woofers from Australian Monitor, Dynaudio Professional, and Sonance transforms an ordinary loudspeaker set up into a highly impactful, well-rounded audio system. With options of up to 700 watts of power, you won’t be restricted.

Professional Monitors

Amber Technology also offer a range of musical loudspeakers for both stage and studio environments to

For recording studios, we have a range of professional studio monitors from Dynaudio Professional. On stage, Renkus Heinz offer PA speakers for performance spaces.

What are loudspeakers used for?

In technical terms, loudspeakers are electroacoustic transducers. How a loudspeaker works is to change an electrical or digital audio signal into a sound wave for you to hear at a distance determined by the size of the room and the size of the speakers.

How can I find out where to buy loudspeakers near me?

If you are looking for loudspeakers for sale, you can buy a whole system or individual speaker parts from one of our authorised dealers. Find one near you using our dealer finder coming soon.

If you are wondering how to test loudspeakers before you buy, visit one of our dealers in their specialist AV shops and they will give you a demo of the products you are looking at.

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