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IsoAcoustics has been manufacturing and distributing award winning isolation products in the audio industry since January 2012. In this relatively short period of time IsoAcoustics has grown rapidly and can now be found in over 70 countries.

IsoAcoustic speaker stands provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity of any speakers including studio monitors, home audio systems, and sound reinforcement. Iso Acoustics proudly works with international manufacturers in the audio field to integrate their technology into high-end loudspeakers, studio monitors, turntables, equipment, and furniture.


The effectiveness of the isolation is a result of the shape, thickness, durometer and characteristics of their proprietary isolation material and the way the top and bottom isolators function together with the internal insert which manages vibrations.

Core Features include: Tighter bass, Improved soundstage, Greater sound clarity and openness, provides a three dimensional image of natural spatial sound

Managing energy on-axis

IsoAcoustics stands are directional and designed to be positioned with the logo facing in the same direction as the motive forces of the speakers. As a result, they manage the energy on-axis as opposed to homogenous material that allow the speakers to oscillate in all directions.


Connecting to speaker and support surface

IsoAcoustics products are designed to connect to the base of the speaker and to the supporting surface, so the energy is effectively managed by the internal isolators. Isolutions are available for a variety of home audio applications and offer a variety of models, each tuned for different weight ranges.


Sculptured aluminum acoustic isolation stands. Ideal for bookshelf, desktop and center channel speakers.

Aperta SUB

With a sculptured aluminum frame and patented IsoAcoustics integrated isolators, the Aperta Sub introduces a new standard in acoustic isolation for subwoofers.


Provides improved sound clarity and openness for floor standing speakers and subwoofers. The GAIA series are also commonly used with components and turntables as they provide a high degree of isolation.


Remarkable improvement in sound clarity and opened for large high-fidelity speakers. The GAIA-TITAN isolators thread into the base of large speakers to replace existing spikes or feet and include thread adapters.


The DELOS series provides a low noise floor by decoupling the turntable from the supporting surface, dramatically diminishing structural vibrations and resonances, resulting in greater clarity and detail.

Removing parasitic vibration releases new levels of sound clarity and openness when used with amplifiers, monoblock amplifiers DAC’s, CD players, turntables and more.


The zazen provides a stable isolation platform with a low noise floor, designed for turntable, tube amps and other sensitive audio equipment.