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WolfVision is a leading global manufacturer of innovative knowledge transfer systems. Their systems offer seamless enhancements to leading educational facilities, business environments, court/legal rooms and the healthcare sector. WolfVision Visualisers, optoelectronic presentation systems, and vSolution as associated integrated communications solutions lead the industry in presentation, collaboration and knowledge sharing technologies.

Cynap systems

the Cynap wireless presentation and collaboration systems are intuitive, flexible and ultra-convenient. They offer maximum productivity in collaborative environments by allowing you to control your presentation screen from one handy console. These multifunctional, powerful and flexible interfaces give you access to information from a range of sources at lightning speed.


WolfVision’s comprehensive visualiser systems are built for genuinely high performance 'live' imaging environments and fully-featured multimedia presentation systems with lecture capture features.

Desktop visualisers

WolfVision’s desktop visualiser presentation systems offer perfect image quality and are easy to use, durable and compact. Create more engagement in your lecture rooms with the most effective way to transfer knowledge.

Ceiling visualisers

These ceiling presentation systems can be mounted to the ceiling – similar to a projector – or tucked behind a suspended ceiling in commercial installations. You can now say goodbye to cluttered and distracting presentation areas!

Camera systems

the EYE-14 live image camera system only needs the light from alternative room lighting or a spotlight to operate. It's a powerful camera and recording system that offers outstanding results, whether they're mounted beneath the ceiling or on tripods, PTZ mounts or wall mounts.


The vSolution App, Cast and Link Pro give you the comprehensive tools you need to to get the most out of your presentations.


you can record content onto a smartphone from a Cynap device or control a Visualiser remotely from your phone all on one central WolfVision app. 


vSolution cast allows you to screen mirror up to four window devices with any Cynap system.

Link Pro

allows you to manage all your Cynap and Visualiser systems in multiple locations. You can set up local admins and assign them individual devices and allocate tags and location information remotely and in one single touch. 

Andreas Ganahl (Innovation & Product Management), from Wolfvision demonstrating the Wolfvision Cynap vSolution Composer and vSolution Matrix.