Blue Lucy

Media Software Solutions

Blue Lucy is a complete video processing and media management software solution. All the components in the software-defined architecture are developed and maintained by the company. Blue Lucy can be used either as a complementary technology sub-system to provide cohesion with existing platforms such as Avid, or as a complete solution to improve overall operations.

The software tools are specifically designed for content asset management, workflow orchestration and video processing. This enables broadcasters and content owners or producers to deploy software systems with confidence.

BLAM - Blue Lucy Asset Manager

BLAM offers advanced but simple operations and asset management, together with comprehensive video processing. It has complete asset management and workflow orchestration capability in a structured, uncomplicated manner with a user-focused approach.

Accessed via an intuitive, web-based interface BLAM may be enhanced with a series of plugins and connectors to integrate multiple systems.

Deployed in cloud, on premise or hybrid, the software obeys open standards and Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) principles, allowing truly scalable, highly resilient and customised enterprise systems to be built. Media operators can quickly implement cloud driven operating models while retaining integration with essential existing systems. BLAM simplifies operations and delivers integrated control and monitoring across a whole production or content supply chain business.

Feature Rich Tools

  • Powerful Google style search
  • Based on an open and extensible schema enabling frame level precision
  • Controlled vocabularies and intellisense metadata management
  • Secure global user access control for organisation, group or role based permissions, supported by Active Directory integration
  • Built-in workflow management for creation and monitoring of custom workflows for manual or automated tasks
  • Web browser based interface for global access to the media management and plug-in tools on any platform.
  • All production workflow management operations can be controlled through the customisable user interface - from baseband and file ingest, content reformatting and metadata management to publishing and distribution

Off-the-shelf plug-ins are available to build on the core BLAM features. The plug-ins provide features such as linear ingest, integration with the Avid video editing toolset as well as lossless file processing techniques.


Cloud-on-the-Ground technology is a hybrid approach that affords the operational benefits of the cloud together with the security and cost effective nature of on premise (ground) deployment. The master assets are stored on premise and the metadata and browse material is stored in the cloud. BLAM seamlessly manages the content flow between the two creating a smooth ‘content anywhere’ operation.

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