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Ultra-high Performance Projection Systems

Digital Projection offers an extensive and expanding line of ultra-high-performance 3-chip and single-chip DLP® projection systems.

Multiple company accolades include two Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Digital Projection remains the first and only projector manufacturer to win the coveted award.

Key models in the range feature ColorBOOST + Red Laser technology. The use of the Red Lasers, plus a specially designed colour wheel (that Digital Projection call ColorBOOST), allow projectors with this technology to produce more vivid, saturated, and life-like images than was previously possible on single-chip DLP projectors. The colour gamut that is created guarantees the projector will achieve at least the REC709 standard.

E-Vision Series

High-brightness, high-value single-chip DLP projector series with models ranging from 5100 to 15000 lumens. The range features WUXGA and 4K-UHD resolution, fixed and zoom lens options, with some models also featuring 3D and warp/blend.

See the full E-Vision range here.

M-Vision Series

High brightness 1080p projectors with the imaging fidelity of Texas Instruments' DLP™ technology, from 18000 to 23000 lumens. Available as both UHP and LED displays, the single chip M-Vision Series adds a remarkably affordable, high-lumen line of displays to Digital Projection's already extensive Commercial product line. Nera 3-chip performance for a 1-chip price.

Highlite Laser II

13000 lumen, lamp-free laser phosphor projector suitable for a wide variety of high-end residential and commercial venues, including those contending with high ambient light, offering rich, saturated imagery with 3D capability. Read more here.


Ultra-quiet, dual lamp projectors based on 3-chip DLP® technology. The Titan Laser is unbelievably bright at an affordable price. Using the latest in connectivity, including DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0 and HDBaseT, the advanced electronics also bring HDR processing to the large venue class of projectors, and features such as Constant Brightness Control and DMX Art-Net compatibility make it the ideal solution for both high profile events and fixed installations.


The flagship of the Digital Projection range, featuring 37000 lumens of solid-state laser-phosphor illumination to create 8K images suitable for elaborate, medical, scientific, immersive visualisation, entertainment and large-venue applications. DLP technology incorporates three 1.38" DarkChip™ DMD™ plus Digital Projection’s ColorMax™ technology delivering superb colour accuracy and black levels. These are especially vital imaging characteristics when matching projectors in tiled or blended applications. Read more.

Coming soon: Satellite Modular Laser System

Every once in a while, something comes along that tears up the rule book and revolutionises an industry. The Satellite Modular Laser System is one of those innovations. Building blocks for projection in complex applications. The projector Head is separated from the light sources, linked by fibre optic cables to allow the noisy ‘engine’ of the projector to be installed behind the scenes. You can also feed multiple projector Heads from a single light source.

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Case Studies

St Hilda's School, Gold Coast
Dominica Sound installed a Digital Projection M-Vision 21k to create a multi-purpose hall

Dominica’s final solution leveraged the wide product offering from Amber Technology and featured the Digital Projection M-Vision 21000 WU with Colour Boost and Red Laser technologies matched with an elegant Neets Control UniForm 8-button control system. 
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Digital Projection Clipped Music Festival

Clipped.TV hosted its annual Clipped Music Video Festival as part of Vivid Festival, Sydney.

Endframe, the content and events production company responsible
for production at Clipped, worked closely with Amber Technology to
install Digital Projection’s range of E-Vision, M-Vision and HIGHlite
projectors across the exhibition and awards venues.

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Ipswich Civic Centre, Projector Upgrade

The Centre expands projector offerings by installing HIGHLite Laser II

The George Hogg Auditorium is the largest theatre and formal dining room in Ipswich, capable of seating up to 741 people.

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