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Founded in 2009 by Manuel Markovic whose recording studio hobby turned into a manufacturing success story. Sonitas turned its brand into an independent manufacturing company that controls its entire production process. Their mission is to improve acoustic conditions whether it is in a garage studio or home cinema, Sonitus are in the constant pursuit of quality products using new materials and technologies.


Sonitus Acoustics PRO Series are absorbers for mid to high frequencies in classic designs. Made of the highest quality, very durable, polyester acoustic foam.


Sonitus Acoustics Leviter series are the first Sonitus Acoustics bright band absorber with a special velvet colour coating (available in different colours). It is made of high performance Polyester acoustic foam and a velvet layer that is applied directly to the foam.


Sonitus Acoustics diffusors are made of hard expanded polystyrene (EPS). Diffusors are used to make sound dispersion in your room, so that you get a similar sound energy in all parts of the room. Often used in home cinemas to get the same sound field for all listeners in the room at different positions.


Sonitus covered panels are bright band absorber panels absorbing from mid to high frequencies. Classical design in a robust MDF frame, covered with soft fabric or with custom printed fabric, makes this panel suitable for all kind of rooms where neutral design is needed.


Bass Traps are acoustics absorbers for bringing low frequencies under control, eliminating standing waves and clarify sound image. 


The Kicker is custom designed for all bass drum diameters and depths. It is made from Polyester foam with a special structure. The result is a powerful and very focused sound.