Offering high-density, compact IP signal processors, gateways and multiviewers for broadcast video applications, Embrionix is at the top of their game when it comes to efficiency and innovation. The companys small-footprint solutions free up premium space, consume less power and minimise the gap between fiber optic, coaxial and emerging technology deployments such as SMPTE ST2110/ST2022-6, HDMI, and composite video.  With head offices outside of Montreal and offices around the world, Embrionix has paved the way in IP Architecture, 4K Connectivity and Media Interconnections.

IP Infrastructure

If you’re looking to move to IP, you’ll want to begin with an IP core deployment that has a spine and leaf-type architecture or a simple core switch for attaining signal distribution. To assist in interfacing with surrounding sources and destination media devices that are not yet IP native, Embrionix offers a number of products for converting SDI-to-IP (ST2022-1/2, ST2022-6/7, and ST2110). Their compact, lightweight and high-density SDI IP products offer an interchangeable SDI-IP SFP form factor that can be installed inside an SFP cage hosted by other equipment manufacturers inside COTS equipment or within the Embrionix 1RU aggregation frame. Varying modules can be switched to achieve the perfect combination of input and output connectivity and processing. The modules can be inserted within the 10G SFP/SFP+ cage with direct interface to a 1GE, 10GE, 25GE and 100GE network, radically streamlining the gradual integration of IP and SDI equipment.


Embrionix has the capabilities to offer connectivity of 4k equipment over one cable. Carrying 12G of SDI data over one coaxial cable or over a single strength fiber, Embrionix makes 4k production a lot simpler. The solution is perfect for live events as it doesn’t modify, delay or compress the video signal in the process.

Standalone IP Gateways, Multiviewers/Quad Splits

The emVIEW product family of standalone de-encapsulators can be fitted elegantly at the back of your monitor due to their small frame form factor.  These devices can obtain video IP flows and control packets from a single fiber optical link or dual optical links fiber in a redundant system. This resolves long distance interconnection to the display using a minimum set of cables and equipment. Embrionix’s compact emVIEW hitless 4K/UHD IP ST2110 to HDMI 2.0 converter is small enough to fit inside your hand.  Ember+, RESTful or NMOS protocols offers easy control.  The latest edition of the emVIEW provides deeper buffer space (15ms) allowing full support of wide receiver.

The emQUAD is a recently launched quad split processor group that’s able to monitor up to 4 IP signals on one monitor and is available in two types: the compact standalone emQUAD or emSFP-QUAD split processor. As well as the emQUAD and emSFP-QUAD, the company’s emVIEW-6 can be used to interconnect devices located at far distances over an IP link. The modular device is equipped with dual network connectivity, a control port for in-band control admission and three available I/O slots to house HDMI or SDI input or output signals. The emFUSION-6 can allow 4 x quad views from a compact throwdown box and its modular design enables configuration with SDI or HDMI inputs or outputs. Each emVIEW, emQUAD, emFUSION and emEXTEND solution is based on the same frame form factor. The frame can be driven by redundant individual power supplies, or they can be installed in the emBOX-MBR-18, 2R rackmount bracket housing 18 frames and supplying redundant power.

The new emVIEW-U-2-DMI offers a compact form factor that fits directly on the back of an HDMI monitor and features frame sync, support for 4K UHD and hitless redundancy. The emVIEW-U-2-DMI makes the most of a 25GE pipe by giving two distinct HDMI outputs to monitors. It can receive any type of senders with either a narrow or wide profile. Easy control is attained through Ember+,RESTful protocols.

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