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MC2 Audio manufactures high-quality power amplifiers for the professional market. Founded by Terry Clark and Ian McCarthy in 1993, MC2 has become well-known within the AV industry for making highly innovative, superior power amps for the live sound and studio markets.

Delta-Series: all amps in the Delta series are scalable, networkable and DSP-enabled. They feature four independently processed auxiliary outputs with Dante networking capabilities for both inputs and outputs and non-DSP amplifiers at several different power levels. You can also take advantage of the powerful combination of AudioCore and DeltaDirect, the bespoke iPad app that is compatible with this series.

E-Series: These handy high-powered touring amplifiers are designed for the highest industry standard of reliability and sound quality. Their switch-mode units are capable of delivering high peaks without any perceptible bass "sag" at extremely low distortion. They also boast ultra-high-definition sound produced across the whole audio bandwidth.

S-Series: designed for studios and other recording environments as well as residential applications, these studio-monitoring amps put performance and transparency at the forefront of their focus. Using the best complementary AB bipolar output stages, the S-Series of amps allow you to maintain minimal signal degradation with easy-to-use analogue level controls. S-Series products are equipped with Class-AB output stages combined with a unique current-driven floating drive stage.

Ti-Series: These networkable amps and processors can be easily applied to applications of all shapes and sizes. Ti systems boast sturdy breakout boxes, signal processing and robust iCore monitoring and control software. With iCore software in-built and running through all Ti-Series models, it opens up the power of the system, allowing devices to be configured and properties adjusted to customise their functioning to suit your needs.

T-Series: these fixed installation amplifiers feature high-performance MC2 Audio's complementary Class AB Bipolar topology and the innovative MC2 Audio current-driven floating drive stage. Conventional analogue level controls, proprietary control and built-in protection circuitry, helps deliver clean sounding audio with unwavering standards in performance and reliability. Each T-Series model component is fit with iCore software, allowing you to configure devices and adjust properties to your specific requirements.