Vocal and instrument processors

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DanteĀ® interface NA2-IO-DPRO NU-NA2-IO-DPRO  


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Vocal processors (or vocal effects processors) are digital devices designed to add extra effects to vocals as they are sung. Common effects include echo, reverb, delay and doubling, and can also be used for harmonising, pitch correction and autotune. Vocal processors can be used in both a live performance or a studio recording environment.

Similarly, instrument processors enhance the performance of your instruments by adding effects to your playing.

Audio Interfaces

Audio interfaces are hardware that create connection of audio signals to a computer and allow you to input other devices such as microphones, instruments, speakers and headphones. Ideal for home studio set ups for recording and playing, audio interfaces are increasingly popular in professional studios.

Amber Technology has a range of brands that offer audio interfaces:

  • The Neutrik Dante Interface works to connect legacy audio equipment with the Dante network, allowing you to update older equipment.

  • Radial has an extensive range of audio interfaces including the Catapult range of passive audio snakes.

DI Boxes

DI (direct injection) boxes convert unbalanced and/or high impedance signals from instruments into balanced low impedance signals by creating a direct connection to a mixing console’s microphone input. DI boxes are used on both live performance and recording studios.

Passive DI boxes are designed to be used if the source is active, and can handle more signal levels without creating distortion

Active DI boxes are used if the source is passive, generating a wider frequency response and are more sensitive.

  • Radial offers a wide range of both passive and active DI boxes, suitable across all types of different uses

  • Rockboard has a DI Patchbay which is a customisable, IR-based stereo speaker cabinet simulation, including an active DI box, as well as a simple solution to organise all the connections to and from your effects setup.

Pre-amps, splitters and switchers

Radial is the go-to brand here for all your needs.

Radial switchers can be used in any application, whether you are switching amongst one or two instruments, microphones or amplifiers, all the way to complicated live touring production guitar and keyboard rigs and playback systems.

Radial splitters can distribute audio signals to multiple locations without reducing the quality of the sound or creating buzzy hums from ground loops.

The Radial instrument preamps offer combination preamp/DI boxes to give more control over instrument tone, plus the capability to choose between two instruments or quickly mute an instrument before tuning.

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