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Universal Remote

The universal remote, sometimes called a consolidation remote or all-in-one remote, is a great way to streamline and simplify your device controllers at home. These devices are programmed to be compatible with a wide range of devices and easy to set up. Universal remotes can also be easier to use than conventional controllers because they come in a range of designs, including backlit buttons for easy identification and large, bold writing.

We stock a broad range of universal remotes from One For All, including replacement remotes for your favourite streaming and set top box services like Foxtel and Apple TV, and TV brands including LG, Sony and Samsung.

What is a universal remote control?

A universal remote is the convenient and simple way to control all of your audio visual equipment, including your television, stereo, surround sound system, soundbar, DVD player, Blu Ray player and more. Rather than struggling with multiple remotes – or searching the house for one when it’s lost! – you can use a universal remote to control all of your devices instead.

A universal remote is also a great option for anyone seeking large, friendly buttons that are easy to read and easy to use. Some modern AV devices come with tiny remotes and even smaller writing which can be difficult to use for anyone with a vision impairment or physical restriction. Universal remotes make controlling your devices easier, simpler and less complicated. You use a single remote for all of your devices, including even gaming consoles.

The other reason people look for universal remotes is to replace lost or broken remotes. Rather than paying for replacement costs from your device’s manufacturer, you can purchase an inexpensive and powerful universal remote that is designed to work on everything, including popular set top boxes.

Finally, a universal remote control can also replace your AC and heating remotes.

Types of Universal Remotes

A universal remote is designed to be compatible with all of your devices so any consolidation remote that you choose can be programmed to control a number of devices. How many devices it can control will depend on the type of remote control that you have purchased. One For All universal remotes can connect up to eight devices at once. Check out the description of your chosen product before you purchase to make sure that it is 100% compatible with the devices you intend to use it with. One For All has a product selector tool online to help you to choose the right universal remote.

The traditional method for connecting your new all-in-one remote to your devices is via IR. InfraRed signals are what most TV remotes use. When you push a button on the remote, the red light at the top of the remote will flash at your TV which then interprets the signal and completes the command. This type of remote requires a clear line of sight to the device that it is controlling. Other types of universal remote can incorporate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® controllers which do not require a clear line of sight between remote and device. Some types of consolidation remote will also come with a smart device application you can use to control your devices too.

A consolidation remote come in a range of designs and styles too. Large, simple and easy to read designs are ideal for anyone uncomfortable with lots of complicated buttons. Air conditioning and heating unit remotes are designed to replace lost or broken controllers. These cannot be programmed to control your AV devices as well and instead work specifically on heating and cooling systems.

You can purchase a remote from the same manufacturer as your TV and other AV equipment, but this isn’t strictly necessary. The devices are designed to be widely compatible so alternative brands should work as well as matching brand for brand.

A universal remote will usually require you to actively switch between your devices to control them, but some models are even advanced enough to allow you to control two devices simultaneously like your sound bar and your TV at the same time.

Can universal remotes work on all TVs?

The design of the universal remote has come a long way since they first hit the market. Most types of devices are now 100% compatible with all of your favourite AV equipment, offering quick and easy setup instructions and programming times. It shouldn’t take you long to set up your new remote and start using it.

The product description will also detail which devices your remote can control and how many devices it is programmed to contain. Check the description details to see whether your intended device is listed before you buy to ensure that your new remote can easily control your TV and other devices.

How to program a universal remote?

Programming a universal remote should be quick and easy, taking you roughly 30 seconds for each device that you pair to. Your device will come with detailed instructions showing you how to program each device to your new remote but usually programming will involve holding down corresponding device buttons on your remote until your devices begin to respond to them. Other types of remote will come with a unique identifier code that needs to be input using the number keypad on the remote control.

If you’re looking for a device that streamlines your controllers at home, then consider choosing one of the easiest devices that offer clear ‘point and click’ pairing to your devices. This will save you time and aggravation if you are uncomfortable programming devices and other AV equipment. Simple options like this are generally very affordable and comfortable to use but may come with restrictions on the number of devices it can control so ensure you have a device compatible with your AV brands at home and powerful enough to comfortably control all of your AV devices.

If you’re not sure whether the universal remote that you have chosen is powerful enough for the job, One For All has an online product selector tool to help you to choose the right universal remote. We can take you the products we think you’re looking for, helping you make the best decision about which option to buy.

Features to look for in universal remote?

The features that you’re looking for in a universal remote will depend on the capacity you need. For anyone looking for simple, friendly buttons and easy control of their devices, look out for options offering features like large, soft buttons, backlit controls so you can easily make out the buttons in low light, simple programming instructions and compatibility with the brands and devices that you intend to use it for. Any writing on the buttons or remote should be large and easy to read.

For anyone who is looking for a highly powerful device capable of controlling all of their AV equipment from streaming boxes to the TV, stereo, sound bar and more, look out for highly compatible devices with extras like LCD control screens offering you more control than ever over all of your devices.

Don’t forget that universal remotes aren’t just for controlling AV equipment. Speciality units are available which replace lost or broken air conditioning and heating controllers.

If you need help with your One For All Remote Control, our dedicated Help Desk can assist, simply call  0800 14 25569.
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