Acoustic panels

Acoustic Panels 

Amber Technology offers a wide range of acoustic treatment options to suit your environment, from wall-mounted to overhead sound baffles and commercial acoustic panels.

Acoustic panels can be hung or fixed from the ceiling or secured to a vertical wall and are used to absorb sound, reduce slap echo and regulate comb filtering in any closed-room environment.

Our acoustic treatment offerings from Primacoustic include:

London acoustic room kits: one-size-fits-all treatment kits designed for typical room dimensions. The London kits offer a complete recording studio in a box, with LEDE (live end, dead end) room design. These high-performance fabric covered acoustic panels include easy to mount hardware and screws – everything you need for a room installation.
Acoustic panels: known for their ability to control primary reflections, eliminate flutter echo and reduce standing. Broadway fabric-covered panels are made from high-performance galss wood with resin hardened edges.
Bass traps: For bass control without the hassle, Primacoustic offers MaxTrap and FullTrap with advanced diaphragmatic resonators to naturally migrate to the problem frequency, delivering unmatched absorption. Cumulus tri-corner traps deliver unobtrusive control for deep low mids common in rooms and sound booths.
Ceiling Clouds and Treatment: Often the most effective solution, depending on the room, ceiling treatment comes in all shapes and sizes. For recording studios, Stratus ceiling clouds are modular for optimum control at the mix position. Radiators are another modular system, this one with architectural flair. Nimbus and Cloud Paintables are great for commercial installations such as restaurants, cafes, museums and retail spaces. For high ceilinged rooms, vertical suspensions are available with the Saturna range.
Diffusion solutions: A complete selection to suit even the most unique of situations. Quadratic diffusion can be achieved using the award-winning Razorblades. Flexfuser has both rotating reflectors and an internal absorber for maximum diffusion outcomes.
GOBOS: A wide array of Gobo (go-between) solutions for multi-purpose rooms.
Isolation tools for stage: eliminates audio contamination from ambient sound, attenuating unwanted audio from nearby microphones.
Speaker isolation studio solutions: Loudspeaker isolation tools for home studio, post-production and broadcast.

Primacoustic are front-runners in manufacturing acoustic treatment for a range of applications. With over 30 years’ experience in studio and live sound, they are world leaders in acoustic panelling for professional and home audio. Whatever the acoustic environment, Primacoustic has the right solution for you, including but not limited to:

Professional audio: home studios, voice-over booths, broadcasting facilities, podcast rooms, recording studios
Education: daycare, gymnasiums, cafeterias, band and music rooms, distance learning facilities, lecture halls and auditoriums, classrooms
Home Entertainment: media rooms, home cinemas, home theatres, home entertainment areas
Offices: open plan office and sales floors, huddle and collaboration spaces, data centres and server rooms, call centres, video conference rooms, boardrooms
House of Worship: church acoustics, daycare, multi-purpose rooms such as crying rooms or study areas
Food and Beverage: restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bars, clubs
Entertainment venues: theatres, casinos, bowling alleys, live music venues, museums, cinemas, gyms
Government: control rooms and emergency response centres, public libraries, community centres, fire, police stations and ambulance stations

When considering acoustic treatment for a professional recording studio, the two most important things to consider are sound absorption and diffusion. Studio acoustic panels create the ideal environment for a studio space by eliminating the presence of unwanted sounds, such as natural reverb and standing sound waves. Whether it be for recording studios, voice-over, broadcast or podcast, or rehearsal space, Amber has the right solution to suit your studio environment.

For commercial installations such as restaurants and cafes, House of Worship and education facilities, our range of wall mount acoustic panels and overhead acoustic panels can assist to reduce noise interruptions.