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Radial PROD8 - Passive 8 channel DI, Radial transformers, 19" rack-mount - 1 RU

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Radial Engineering
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UPC EAN 06761010 3679 0 Radial Part No. R800 1120
Technical Specifications
Brands Radial Engineering
Product type Audio Interfaces
Product type DI boxes
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Passive 8-Channel Rackmount Direct Box

The ProD8 is a high performance 8-channel passive direct box optimized for keyboard rigs in professional touring, with redundant 1/4″ inputs for each channel and a completely passive design that requires no power to operate.

  • High density 8-channel rackmount DI for keyboards
  • Reversible rack ears to optimize patching setup
  • Withstands extreme dynamics from high-output sources
  • Redundant inputs let you incorporate a backup system

Professional performance

The ProD8 features up to 8 direct box outputs in a single 1RU rack space for professional touring, with dual ¼" inputs on each channel to incorporate a backup system or connect up to 16 channels of audio at once. A ¼" TRS effects insert jack on each channel allows for connection to various effects devices while adding greater routing options, while a thru-put jack delivers a direct feed to the artist's playback system. The front panel features isolated XLRs for balanced low-noise outputs, each equipped with ground lift and 180° polarity reverse switches.

Transformer driven for greater headroom and low noise

The engine inside the ProD8 is a custom wound Eclipse ET-DB2 transformer that performs both the impedance matching and balancing. Linear from 20Hz to 20kHz, it is able to withstand the extreme dynamics common with today's digital keyboards. Unlike active circuits that overload and square wave when the rail voltage is exceeded, transformers saturate. This means that as the signal increases, the ProD8 naturally rounds out the tone producing a warm Bessel curve reminiscent of the very best vintage audio gear. The other significant advantage to this passive design is 100% galvanic isolation between the source and destination, which eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

Adaptable Configuration

To enhance setup options, the Radial ProD8 is equipped with reversible rack ears. This handy feature allows the system tech to position the inputs on the front of the rack when interfacing with external keyboards or have them inside if the setup is predominantly equipped with rack modules.

ProD8 Applications

The ProD8 in the Studio

Set the ProD8 rack ears so that the ¼ inputs are on the front panel to make patching different instruments easy. This give you access to the dual inputs and thru-put jacks for quick connection to amps in the studio.

The ProD8 with Rack Synths

Set the ProD8 up with the XLR outputs facing front to accomodate touring racks of modular synths. With the ¼ inputs on the inside of the rack your synths stay connected while sound techs patch the XLR outs into the main snake and PA system.

Using the ProD8 for Backing Tracks

The ProD8's dual summed inputs make it convenient for patching two sources into each channel at the same time. This lets you use the ProD8 for backing tracks with two multi-track running in sync or redundant keyboard setups for live performances.


"For an audio provider who works with a lot of musical artists, especially ones with a lot of keyboards or sound sources, the ProD8 is a perfect unit. It provides routing options, a great stereo merge to mono feature, and is built to handle the rigors of our business."

By Craig Leerman

"Gorgeous, transparent sound. Saturation at high signal levels sounds awesome on keyboards, but never intrusive. Requires no power. Built like a rich paranoid's survival bunker."

By Stephen Fortner


Zach Rudulph

Andy Grammer, Colbie Caillat, Gavin DeGraw, Ben Rector

"The ProD8 by Radial has drastically improved my workflow. Either in studio or on the road with Andy Grammer, we connect multiple keyboards to the ProD8 and have put that thing through the ringer! The ProD8's audio quality never faltered and is why we would not use anything else. The ProD8 is an intricate part of our live show."

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