Our People

Amber Technology's people really do make the difference

As a distribution organisation, three factors are absolutely vital to the way we operate as a successful team with represented brands and our customer base:

  • Superior technical support

  • Responsive, open communications

  • Quality people

Our sales staff are known to their peers throughout their industry, whilst the operational support team is exceptionally efficient in office support, warehousing, logistics, finance and a major tenet of the enterprise - premier technical backup.

The result is a formidable support team which takes pride in understanding the product thoroughly so as to give timely and astute advice to customers. Comprehensive knowledge of the product and its productive applications is the key.

Australian and New Zealand customers are very conscious of being long distances from overseas suppliers and factories, and therefore demand a strong local support capability before fully endorsing a product. Amber achieves this level of support by maintaining a high ratio of technical staff, in excess of 30%, in the technical support area. Amber Technology's policy is to take advantage of factory training for support staff wherever possible and to maintain open communication with the technical/engineering staff of suppliers so that strong working relationships are established.

Comprehensive technical resources, documentation and records are scrupulously maintained as part of our ability to instantly respond to customers' support needs. In summary this means we can truly say: "no one will look after your technical needs better".

Careers with Amber Technology

Amber Technology is constantly expanding our team of outstanding and committed staff.

We are acutely aware of the importance and value of our personnel in maintaining our success and securing sustainable growth into the future. We’re therefore constantly on the lookout for innovative, motivated people with the energy and skills to join our team and grow with us.

If you enjoy stretching your mind, going beyond what you think might be achievable and are excited at the prospect of being part of our dynamic team, tell us about yourself by contacting our HR Manager on careers@ambertech.com.au