Arriving soon we will have a new product range from NEUTRIK being a TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION (TOP) series!TOP-products-sm.jpg

Audio connector and receptacles manufacturer Neutrik has announced the forthcoming launch of their all-new TOP product range. This highly sophisticated range of outdoor protection solutions safeguard materials from rain, hail, wind and seawater at outdoor events, productions and broadcasting.

“It is now possible to find products on the market that provide protection only against moisture and precipitation. The sun and ultraviolet rays are, in our view, also an important factor because they too influence the material and product quality over time”, says Dario Winter, Product Manager at Neutrik AG. 

This commercial range includes the following:


EtherCON TOP receptacles
Taking after the current SE versions, the new etherCON Receptacle TOP has an improved IP65 rating and pending certification for outdoor protection per UL50E, making it the perfect choice for outdoor environments.

etherCON NE8MX* cable connector carriers

The current NE8MC product range will be replaced by three new products: NE8MX-TOP, NE8MX-B, and NE8MX-B-1. These new products comprise of improved, simplified and more efficient assembly of the RJ45 into the cable carrier.


Neutrik have enhanced the pre-existing powerCON TRUE1 range to ensure true outdoor protection and to fulfil NEMA 250 and UL50 requirements. The new features allow for true protection in any environment according to UL50E/enclosure type 4 and IP65 IEC standard

Cable connectors NAC3FX-W-TOP / NAC3MX-W-TOP
These cable connectors are hardier, upgraded versions to their predecessors NAC3FX-W and NAC3MX-W, featuring new materials, an updated latch design and improved housing fixation.

Applicance connectors NAC3MPX*, FPX*, PX-TOP
The new range covers all uses in the field, including in/out combination, connectors without insulation divider and connectors with screw terminations. (Chassis connectors must have rubber sealing covers SCNAC-PX / SCNAC-FPX / SCNAC-MPX to achieve TOP outdoor protection level.


In response to a number of inquires for an end-to-end solution for weatherproof XLR connectors, Neutrik have introduced the TOP range.

Chassis connectors: 3 and 5 pin FDX-TOP and MDX-TOP
With the introduction of the all-new TOP series comes heavy-duty, sealed XLR chassis connectors for both male and female versions. Made with high-impact, UV resistant materials per UL, water tightness to IP 65 is managed both in mated conditions and whenever the chassis connectors are disconnected.

Chassis connector accessories: protection covers 
While the outdoor protection of the chassis connectors is achieved without having to use reinforcements, additional dust and dirt covers are available

Cable connectors: 3 and 5 pin X-TOP series
The new X-TOP XLR cable connectors features the same exceptional bushing design as the etherCON TOP cable connectors. The female connector is covered with UV resistant rubber when connected to another male connector/chassis and the male connector adopts the same housing used on NC*MX-HD*

Download the Neutrik TOP Product Guide