Announcing the availability of the NPS-30W, Neutrik's latest extension in their network portfolio.

The NPS-30W is Neutrik's answer to the increasing demand for PoE injectors and is the world's first PoE injector made for harsh stage conditions, with lockable power and network connectors. The NPS-30W is a convenient companion for any PoE application, not just Neutrik's network products.

All tests are now finished with positive results, first production devices are available and we are accepting orders for NPS-30W now!

As a passive Power Sourcing Equipment device, the NPS-30W acts like a traditional power supply, requiring no power negotiation with attached powered devices. NPS-30W's total power budget of 30W allows it to simultaneously power multiple devices, for example, up to 4x NA2-IO-DPROs can be powered when in daisy-chain mode, making the NPS-30W ideal for various scenarios such as ambient miking.

All available mounting accessories for Neutrik's network devices - for rack, truss, floorbox, and table mounting - are compatible with the NPS-30W.

We would like to highlight once again the new truss mount kit NA-TM-KIT, which we launched recently and announced in the Product News 03/2020 on March 2nd. It's a truss yoke kit for the installation of up to 2 devices. This kit is compatible with all our network devices, such as NA2-IO-DLINE, NA2-IO-DPRO and of course the NPS-30W. The kit comes with 2 safety frames and a set of screws to allow a safe installation.


Ordering information

We are offering the NPS-30W-* in 4 different versions, each equipped with a powerCON TRUE1 TOP cable with different power plugs.