Studio/recording microphones

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Choosing the right type of microphone for your recording requirements is important for the end results. Whether you are looking for a recording studio mic, studio quality microphone, music recording microphone, handheld or other type of professional mic, you can search our brand range to see the latest stock available. You can buy a professional microphone from one of our friendly pro AV dealers, who are happy to help you to make the right equipment choice.

A recording studio is generally a very controlled environment, where the ability to keep recording until you are happy is possible. When choosing a professional microphone for a recording studio, there are different studio microphone types to choose from. The choice of which studio recording mic to use depends on the size of the studio and the types of content you are recording.

A new trend is the growth of project studios, which are home studio set ups for recording music, podcasts, and videos. Whether the studio is set up for a work from home professional, or an amateur music maker, generally the microphone chosen is simple, convenient and easy to use to deliver clear quality audio.

A professional recording microphone can also be used outside of a studio environment, both outdoors and indoors.

How to choose a professional microphone? The types of recording microphones for different requirements are:

Condenser microphone – this is a microphone in which the diaphragm is one plate of a capacitor. They are a very typical type of microphone used in a recording studio and are ideal for recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Recording at wide frequency, they are known to be highly sensitive and very accurate.

Dynamic microphone - a microphone with an electrodynamic transducer; either moving coil or ribbon microphone. A dynamic microphone is a more tradition style of microphone and is mostly used in a stage environment although they can be used in a recording studio. JTS Professional offer dynamic microphones for live sound production as well as studio mics.

JTS Professional offer large diaphragm recording studio microphones for those who need a more affordable price. JTS Microphones Professional have the gear to deliver the sound you need for a studio performance. Their studio microphones are powered with either wired or wireless connection, some with USB.

All of our microphone brands come with a range of accessories to add to your microphone kit.

How to set up a professional microphone?

When setting up a recording studio mic, consider the following:

  • You need a good microphone and playback chain
  • Choose the right acoustic setting for voice and style
  • Most common positioning is frontal close placement, starting point of around 4 inches
  • Other choices are frontal loose placement, top head placement and lower chest placement

How much does a professional microphone cost?

The cost depends entirely on your requirements. You can connect with one of our resellers who can support you to choose a professional studio microphone to suit your needs and budget.

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