JTS provides wireless microphone systems , wireless microphone, wireless monitoring system, stage / broadcast microphone system, instrument microphone, wireless camera system, wired microphones, conference system, tour guide system, portable sound system, interpretation system, headphones / earphones, installation microphone and microphone accessories. View the current JTS NZ price-list.

Wired & Wireless Microphone

JTS have a wide range of wired and wireless microphones fit for any style or application there is in music or performance that can handle all your recording and sound-reinforcement needs. More info


Headphone & Earphone

JTS sophisticated transducer technology assures excellent sound quality and delivers clearly defined music and vocals. Together with ergonomic design both the headphones and earphones provide long time fatigue free listener comfort when used for professional monitoring or for personal entertainment. More info
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Installed microphones are required for a full range of applications that demand sound to be captured at a greater distance than what is expected of a stage vocal microphone. JTS installed microphones consistently provide superior fidelity, durability, versatility, and value; with ease of installation.

JTS has solutions for

Instrument Mic

For the Live Band or a Classical Music  JTS provides traditional beltpack and sub-miniature clip on transmitters with 16 to 3000 selectable channels. Various instrument microphones for string instruments, winds and reed instruments can be used with the wireless systems.
Plus innovative JTS solutions with the new oriental instrument CX-500HQ, CX-512GZ and CX-513YQ series which are perfectly designed to pick up Chinese instrument Hu-Qin, Zither and Dulcimer. Be the first to experience !