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AV Integration Controls

Neets are market leaders in simple AV integration controls for boardrooms, meeting rooms and huddle spaces. their versatility in design and features also makes them the perfect AV control system for hospitality environments and education facilities. They make life easier for users by offering an all-in-one complete solution that manages all your meeting room needs, from audio and video conferencing to lighting and air-conditioning.

These simple to install and intuitive AV control systems allow you to walk into a boardroom or meeting environment and turn on pre-set AV equipment, lighting and air-conditioning requirements at the press of a single button. Gone are the days where meetings are cut short due to AV fault; this solution takes care of
set up for you from beginning to end, without the hassle.

Product groups

  • AV Control Systems

The wide range of system controls on offer were all designed with usability in focus and can be controlled from anywhere in the room. What makes these controls so superior to competitors is its user-friendly design.

  • Touch Panels

Their touch panels are extremely customisable and versatile. These screens have a ten-inch interface, for simpler control of more complex rooms. These consoles connect all user interactions with the AV equipment in the room, taking the hassle out of room set-up and saving on time. On top of this, the interface can be altered to suit corporate branding.

  • Expansion Kit

The Neets Expansion Bus gives you the ability to maintain a consistent design and allows for complete customisation of the meeting room set up.

  • Tabletop Systems

With Neets’ tabletop solutions, all your necessary connections are within arm’s reach. With such a diverse range of applications, their power and data offerings are perfect for every conference, meeting room or lecture hall.

  • Switching Control

These devices make installation a dream. Their automatic shutdown feature cuts the power of any AV equipment not in use.

  • IR emitter

These dual and single IR emitters are perfect for when you want to use IR to control Neets Control Systems. The emitter is simply attached to the device that you wish to control via IR signal.

  • Programming kit

The Neets programming kit allows AV integrators to customise the settings according to their individual customer’s specific requirements. With a user-friendly design, the kit is intuitive and very simple to use.

Neets have made it their mission to deliver AV control solutions that go a step further than standard integrated control systems. They know the importance of efficiency in the boardroom or educational facility in maintaining focus, minimising frustration and keeping a consistent pace. Talk to our friendly team today to find out how Neets can help your business.

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