BirdDog is an Australia-based company that has established itself as a world leader in NDI and IP video technology. Working alongside some of the biggest global names in broadcast and live production, BirdDog has revolutionised what we know as NDI content.

With their innovative silicon chip built into all their sleek and durable hardware products, BirdDog has set the benchmark for fast and reliable processing of NDI.

Their product range includes:

Wallplate: with a variety of interchangeable faceplates and customisable soft glow indicators, BirdDog wallplates are a convenient option when setting up conferences, lecterns, broadcasts, and general NDI streaming. Offering a choice of Dual Input or Dual Output, Wallplate allows for effortless streaming to TV screens, and convenient input from laptops and devices using EDID.

SDM Family: easily installed inside compatible SDM flat-panel displays, SDM allows virtually unlimited NDI sources to be received on the same network. The MI sender and receiver module enable users to send and receive NDI anywhere, while the M2 Receiver module allows convenient streaming, ensuring that content is efficiently distributed across even the most extensive broadcast systems.

Studio NDI:  enclosed in an elegant, durable aircraft-grade aluminium case, Studio NDI is an innovative NDI Encoder and Decoder, allowing encoding and decoding of full YUV422 NDI content.

Mini: Mini offers conveniently fast decoding of full YUV422 NDI with no need for power adaptor, ensuring quick, optimal content distribution for any meeting.

4k range: this range offers three models that support HD encoding and decoding up to 4kp60 resolutions, maximum compatibility with any office hardware and 10GbE connectivity. This range provides full Tally system requiring no configuration, making it easy to track content across vast networks - an essential capability for live broadcasts.  

PTZ Range: stylish and powerful cameras deliver full NDI, with the latest Sony CMOS Backlit Sensors and complete Sony Image Modules on the P200, A200 and A300 cameras, and true broadcast sensors on P100. The PTZ keyboard is ergonomically designed for secure connectivity and control of PTZ cameras.

Available Software

Cloud: NDI content can be sent outside local networks with 128/256 bit AES encryption guaranteeing secure streaming across business networks, even with poor connectivity.

Comms Lite and Pro: Comms Lite is the perfect solution to support up to four BirdDog devices on one driver licence, while the Pro version can fully integrate live camera feeds from every BirdDog NDI-enabled camera.

Central Lite and Pro: a software platform sending NDI streams to BirdDog Studio NDI or Mini to decode NDI back to SDI/HDMI across multiple screens.

NEW: BirdDog Flex 

This exciting new addition to the BirdDog range has a footprint only slightly larger than a credit card, creating the world’s smallest 4K NDI Encoders and Decoders. With three products available Flex is perfect for all workflow needs, and includes Tally, Audio, Video, PTZ control, Audio Intercom and Power along a single Ethernet cable.

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Headset: with soft ear pads, a detachable microphone, long 3.5mm audio connector and quick button access, BirdDog headsets are comfortable and easy-to-use for even the most prolonged presentations.

Accessories: BirdDog offers a range of adaptors, cables and mounting accessories for quick and adaptable installation in any office or meeting venue.

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