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Whether you’re hooking up a home entertainment system or meeting room PA speakers to an audio output, you needn’t look further than Accent Audio. Their full line of tinned copper, premium quality audio cables are built to last and come in lengths of up to 300 metres, making it the perfect solution for AV installation specialists

Designed exclusively for custom audio installation, their speaker cables set the industry standard in durable and versatile audio connectivity for the residential and commercial environments.

Features include:

  • Reverse meter marked out of the box (Keep track of your costs).
  • Tough 0.6 mm UV stable
  • Yellow outer jacket
  • Delivers low drag installations especially on long runs
  • Tinned copper conductors minimise corrosion around connections / terminals.
  • Easy-pull Spool / box:
    -  Low friction
    -  Easy for installers to use and keep tidy on the job
    -  Simple to transport to and from a job, pack up and put away.
Accent Audio